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Just like every other Lost Episode this season, ‘Dr Linus’ focuses mainly on, of course, Benjamin Linus’ character.

Ben is running through the jungle away from the temple after his encounter with Sayid and crosses paths with Ilena, Sun, Lapidis and Miles. He tells them Sayid killed The Leader and The interpreter. They all head to the beach.

Ben is teaching a history class about Napoleon, exile, and the loss of power in sideways world. The bell rings and after class, the Principal Reynolds tells Linus he has a schedule change and instead of his History Group he will instead supervise detention. Linus is against this and rather be there for his students academically than baby-sit.

In the teacher’s lounge, Ben is telling his woes to Leslie, a fellow teacher.
Locke overhears Ben talking and says maybe he should be the principal, since he cares about the school and the students more than Reynolds.

Trekking through the jungle, Ilena stops and wants Miles to sense how Jacob died from what is left of his body (the ashes).  Miles tells Ilena that Linus killed Jacob. Ben lies and says it’s not true. Ilena thanks Miles and she says Jacob was the closest thing she’s had to a father. They reach the beach. Ilena looks for tools for shelter. Ben asks if he could help and he is ignored.

Ben Linus is at home in sideways world and gives his father dinner. Linus complains he has a Doctorate in Modern European History and he’s babysitting detention and calls them ingrates.  He says he’s more a loser than any of them.  His father proclaims he wanted so much more for his son and that’s why he joined the Dharma Initiative and took him to the island. They would have been happier if they stayed. The doorbell rings. It is Alex (his daughter) who is a student member of his history club. She needs help with an AP test. They plan to meet the next day in the library.

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