Written by OBS Staff Member Rose

Season One Finale Brush-up: The V Season 1 finale left off with two major cliffhangers. FBI counter-terrorism agent Erica Evans onboard the mother ship destroying Anna’s soldier eggs with a pulsar-type bomb and Anna showing human emotion as she screamed in agony over the loss of her eggs.

Fifth Columnist and V alien, Ryan Nicols’ pregnant wife, Val, loses her life while Anna takes his baby.

It seems like all hell is going to break loose.

Season 2 Premiere – Red Rain

They pulled out all the stops for the intro scene of the season premiere of V. The mother ship is still in the sky, a red glow swaths the crippled New York City, which is littered with bodies (a la Resident Evil). Erica wakes, starts crying out for her son and comes across Tyler. She bundles him in her arms, a red drip touches his face and his skin turns to acid goop. His entire head dissolved into a horrific blob. Anna hovers near by and tells her “You killed my babies so I killed yours.”

Erica wakes from her dream, at her desk at FBI headquarters. The skies in the city are a furious red. The city is in a panic as there has been no communication from the V’s. With no help from her superior or fellow officer she decides to venture out on her own to try and get to Anna.

Meanwhile on board the mother ship Anna’s number one man, Marcus, tells her Ellis Watts – a leading environmental scientist – is close to learning the true nature of the red sky. Anna tells him to ‘take care’ of him. Marcus then informs her the captains of the other 29 ships fear Anna is affected by human emotion due to her quick ‘release’ of the red sky and they are on their way to see her.

Ryan, now a prisoner on aboard the mother ship, briefly escapes, finds a room with water filled incubators and sees his daughter. A creature of the black lagoon hybrid baby floats up to the glass to look back at his father and disappears back into the smoky liquid.

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That ending with it’s thrown back to the 80’s series was awesome!! Major “Ha!” moment.

Anna got rid of the source of her human emotions. I wonder if they are to return. Do you think they will?

We finally got to see how the V’s really look. Just as ugly as I imagined they would be. Looking forward to see an entire V in the flesh.

Do you think Diana and Tyler did the sideways mambo?  What do you think the original queen mother will have to say about he state of things?

I think this episode started off the series with lots of action, interesting plot points and will probably be much better this time around.

What did you think of the Season 2 premiere episode?? What part was your favorite?