Written by Rose

So many stories going on and none of them really intertwine…yet.  Each characters story stands alone in this episode, which in turn gave it a fractured feeling. I sincerely hope it does not remain as such all season.

After Eric is invited in by Sookie to confront an uninvited werewolf, she shoots off the gun, bullet…seen flying through the air a la Matrix slow motion style, only to pierce Eric’s chest as he purposely shields the wolf in order to ask it/him some questions.

After a small scrap fight on the floor by which the were tastes some of Eric’s blood, Eric kills him. Poor Sook. Always surrounded by dead things.

Eric buries the body in the cemetery, while Sookie watches on.  They figure out the were came from Jackson, Mississippi and she is now hell bent on going there to find Bill. Eric can’t go, for reasons unknown, but he sends a trusted werewolf named Alcide to watch over Sookie.

Meanwhile, Lorena is healing pretty quickly from her fire-roasted marshmallow moment after Bill set her ablaze. She’s a vampire; we can’t rid of her that easily. Bill is faced with an ultimatum. Join the King or Sookie becomes the King’s vampire meat.  He joins him and relinquishes his fealty to Queen Sophie-Anne.

In a two-bit motel room Tara and Franklin are having a go at it in bed (to put it lightly) and once Franklin starts asks her name, she quickly shuts down and flees the scene as quickly as you can say “oh my god, did you see the way her eyes rolled around during their sexcapade, she practically looked epileptic”.

Arlene learns she’s pregnant but she learns has conceived before she started dating Terry. When Arlene tries to break the news to him, he becomes overjoyed with pleasure; she conveniently leaves out the extra part that it probably is not his.

Jessica interrupts Pam mid-chow on some Estonian cherry pie, to ask for help with her now missing dead trucker body.  Pam thinks there is no problem since the body is missing and promptly hangs up.

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