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Sayid exits a taxi in what we now know to be the flash sideways world. He knocks on the door of his destination and Nadia answers the door.  Nadia is married to Sayid’s brother Omar, and they have two children.  Over dinner Omar asks Sayid about all his travels and Sayid down plays his current work of translating oil contracts for a living, when Omar gets an important call and steps away from the dinner table.  Nadia has been writing to Sayid while he has been away and questions why Sayid hasn’t replied.  The kids find a picture of Nadia in Sayid’s bag and bring it over to their mother to see. Sayid and Nadia exchange glances as Omar stands across the kitchen, looking at them.

Sayid is at the temple and barges in on Dogen, demanding answers on why he wants him dead and what the device is that was used to torture him. Dogen explains that for every man, there is a scale. One side good, the other side evil and that is how the scale is balanced. Sayid tipped the scale the wrong way, which is why Dogen wanted to poison him. Dogen plainly states Sayid should be killed. A fight between the two ensues; Dogen gains the upper hand about to cut Sayid, when the baseball falls to the floor. The same one Dogen was playing with in his hand, in a previous episode.  The baseball falling stops Dogen from killing Sayid, and instead Dogen tells Sayid to leave and never come back.

Claire and the smoke monster aka Fake Locke, stand just outside the temple. Claire wants Locke to promise her son back if she agrees to enter the temple.  Claire in a matter of fact way states Locke will hurt them all. He answers only the ones that won’t listen.

In flash sideways world, his brother wakes Sayid who is staying at his home, at 2:30 in the morning.  Omar tells Sayid that he is in big trouble with a loan shark. He has borrowed money and the loan shark now wants continual interest. Omar try to guilt Sayid into helping him and to use his past experience as an interrogator in the Iraqi Republican guard and try to ‘influence’ the loan shark to leave him and his family alone. Sayid refuses.

Back at the temple, Sayid tells Miles he is leaving because he has been banished. Sayid is confused by this, because the Others saved him and now they want him dead. Miles informs Sayid he was dead for two hours and that whatever saved him was definitely not the Others.

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