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This week’s episode opens up with a bang. Three peace ambassadors are found at the Peace Ambassador Center and Erica is called to the scene. She feared her son was one of them, but he was not.

Her boss Paul tells Erica Fifth Column has taken responsibility for this new attack.  Tyler arrives on scene and is visibly distraught; he was supposed to meet the victims that morning.

Anna visits with Ryan and tells him her bliss will wear off for his daughter. She demands to know who is responsible for this new Fifth Column attack at the Peace Ambassador Center. Ryan gives the name of Eli Cohn, an ex-Israeli Mossad agent who leads a radical Fifth Column cell.

Erica tells her team that Eli Cohn needs to be found. She doesn’t want Tyler to become the next victim and now she has a new partner to contend with (who of course cannot find out she is part of Fifth Column). Father Jack proposes the idea of having Eli Cohn come to them.

Erica’s boss Paul tells her she already knows her new partner. It’s Chris Bolling, a friend from her days at the academy. Bolling automatically goes into a rant about Fifth Column. He thinks Father Jack has something to do with the group, as he shows the viral video of Jack to Erica.

Anna is watching Chad report the news about the new attacks by the radical Fifth Column cell. Many religious leaders are speaking out, namely one Cardinal from the Vatican. She tells Marcus they need to get a handle on this Cardinal.

Anna and Chad are taking a little trip on one of the V shuttles and they land at the Vatican to visit the Cardinal. After landing, Chad Decker reports live from St. Peter’s Square about Anna’s impending meeting with the Cardinal and talks about inviting religious ambassadors onboard the mother ships.

Meanwhile people are in the process of leaving a service just given by Father Jack at Josephine’s church, when he is approached by two churchgoers who comment on how outspoken he has become. Jack agrees and tells them “it’s time to do something”. He mentions he feels an understanding about what Fifth Column is trying to do. Jack has planted the seed by which to lead Eli Cohn to him.

Erica and her new partner Chris Bolling pay a visit to the church to speak with Father Jack. Meanwhile inside, Father Jack finds a note on a box with a roman numeral 5 on it. Inside the box he sees a visitor head in all it’s green lizard glory with a CD attached to the top of the box.

Upon questioning Jack about the Peace Ambassador killings that morning, Chris mentions Jack stint in the military and the two kills he made, which is meant to cast doubt on his saintly priest personae. Erica seems surprised by this knowledge. The only thing she can do is make it seem as if she means business by getting in his face, but Jack defends himself and there is nothing more to question him about. While walking out of the church Erica says he was a waste of their time. Chris disagrees and thinks he’s hiding something.

Anna is throwing charm at the Cardinal and tells him how excited she is to bring the prospect of learning the Catholic faith to the visitors. Of course, there is always a catch. She then drops the Father Jack bomb by mentioning one of the cloth is speaking out against the visitors and this shouldn’t be something a religious man does. The cardinal agrees. She then goes on to say that before she will introduce the church’s religion to the V’s she wants him to tell all members of his clergy to not partake in any hurtful rhetoric about the V’s. The camera keeps panning to showing a priest that is standing close to the cardinal. When Anna mentions this he has a look of “I knew it” flash on the priest’s face. When Anna finishes speaking her request, the important looking priest leans over and whispers into the cardinal’s ear.  Anna notices the ring with a pyramid symbol on his hand.

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