OBS Recap & Reviews Lost: S6 Episode 8 “Recon”
Brought to you by OBS Staff member Rose

As we all know every week Lost takes a sideways glance at one of the characters and this week it is James (Sawyer) Ford.

Sawyer wakes up Jin and Jin freaks out and wants to leave before Locke and Claire come back. Sawyer tells Jin he’s with Locke, and he wants to get off the island. Jin doesn’t want to leave without finding Sun first.

Locke returns to their camp with the Others, Sayid and Kate. Kate says hello to Sawyer.

In sideways world, Sawyer is with a woman, in bed and he needs to leave to meet a guy. A suitcase falls, pops open and wads of cash fly out. The woman asks what he is doing with all that money. He tells her he’s making an investment. He turns his back for a moment and the woman draws a gun on him. She knows he’s a con man, figures the case opened on purpose and is trying to play her. He calls her stupid and tells her the whole thing is a set up to catch her husband and the hotel is surrounded by police.  She doesn’t believe him, so Sawyer says a code word and the police bust inside, including Miles. Turns out, Sawyer is a cop and Miles is his partner.

Claire is looking fondly into her baby basinet when Kate approaches her. Kate asks if this is where she lived as Claire fixes the tulle, which is covering the creepy dead animal skull slash stuffed animal body baby in the basinet. Kate is slowly realizing the Claire is a little cuckoo.

Locke makes an announcement to the Others that they need to keep moving. He gets questioned about what transpired at the temple after they left. He tells them the black smoke killed anyone that stayed. Everyone is nervous and Locke promises to take care of everybody.

Kate states matter-of-fact to Sawyer that he is with Locke now. Sawyer tells Kate he is not ‘with anybody’.

Sawyer is at his desk at the LAPD.  He goes to make a call to an Anthony Cooper when Miles comes over. Sawyer hangs up. Miles asks about his call to Cooper. Sawyer tells him it’s an old buddy of his who is getting him Lakers tickets. Sawyer told Miles he took a trip to Palm Springs the weekend before, so Miles thinks Sawyer saw Cooper then, but Sawyer is vague when Miles questions him about it.  Miles tells Sawyer he setting him up on a blind date with a friend of his who works at the museum.

Miles wants a hook up for Lakers tickets so he questions Sawyer again about his buddy and the tickets. Again Sawyer plays vague and says he probably can’t get any for him. Miles feels he is lying and tells Sawyer he can tell him anything.

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