3 Star rating
Ready to Die
To Die, Book #5
By Lisa Jackson
ISBN# 9780758287519
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ready-to-die-lisa-jacksonIt’s Christmas time once again in Grizzly Falls.   And, the upcoming year is bound to have a lot of changes in store for Detective Regan Pescoli as her sexy cowboy boyfriend, Nate Santana, has just proposed and added a nice little ultimatum into the mix.  He won’t be happy just being her lover indefinitely, he wants her to be his wife, to live with him; forever.  It’s all or nothing proposition and he’s even given her a deadline for her to make a decision.  Pescoli loves him, but after two rocky marriages she can’t get over the fear of another matrimonial failure.

But even with her doubts, she knows she loves Nate and even heads out to the sheriff’s house Christmas morning to discuss her options for reducing her hours or quitting the force altogether to give a marriage a shot at surviving.  But she never expects to see Dan getting gunned down right in front of her.

Now he’s in critical condition in the hospital and Pescoli has placed all thoughts of resigning on the back burner as the entire department hunts for Dan’s would-be killer.  And, when a prominent judge is also found dead they have to wonder if the cases are connected, and they quickly learn the assassin isn’t done yet.  Can they stop the killer in time to save the others, maybe even Pescoli herself?

I liked that this book jumped right into the action!  From Regan and Santana (I love him!) to seeing Dan gunned down on Christmas morning.  Unfortunately after the dust settles on all of that the book did lag quite a bit as we were introduced more to Dan’s family and the forbidden loves and betrayals within it.  But not to worry the action does pick up again for an exciting, even though slightly predictable, ending.

I really didn’t care much for all the drama in the Grayson family, initially.  But now my curiosity is officially piqued and I’m anxious to see more of Cade!  I want to see how everybody adjusts to the newest development in the family (that I did see coming a mile away) and to see if there is a chance for Cade and Hattie to rekindle things!

And, some of my favorite scenes in this book were about Jeremy…. Whether he was in the scene …

“No doubt he’d been with Heidi until all hours of the morning. He knew where she stood about sex, condoms, his future, Heidi’s … bringing it up now would only exacerbate an already prickly situation.

“Nothing good happens after midnight,” she reminded him.

“You’re wrong, Mom, and you know it.”

Or if it was just Regan having to deal with him growing up, and her not wanting to let go.

 “Let him grow up, Regan. Quit fighting the inevitable. For Christ’s sake, Jeremy’s nearly a man.”

“Haven’t you heard? Twenty’s the new twelve.”

“Only from overprotective, control-freak mothers.”

It seemed she was getting advice at every turn, most of which was pretty funny!

“I was just trying to give you the teen-male perspective.”

“Which is?”

“If it moves, screw it.”

I do wish that there would have been more Santana in this book though!  He seemed to be in the background on this one, as Pescoli kept her distance from him while making her decision and then was roped into the case.  And, it was obvious what is in store for them, I just wish it had finally been revealed in a different way…. Hopefully there will be a big reveal in the next book?

Overall this book definitely had its good points and bad, but overall I found it to be an enjoyable read and look forward to some of the loose ends being tied up or expanded on in the next book.