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Warner Bros informed TrekWeb that two rare TV Pilots written and produced by the late Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry in the 1970s will be available for the first time on DVD next Tuesday.

The first pilot, Genesis II, produced in 1973, and directed by John Llewellyn Moxey, follows Dylan Hunt (Alex Cord), who awakes after 154 years of suspended animation into a post-apocalyptic world that’s torn between the peace-loving citizens of Pax and the militaristic, mutant Tyranians. Both want Hunt to join their cause. But the Tyranians have two cruel weapons to persuade Hunt: a device of torture called a stim. And an alluring mutant (Mariette Hartley) with two navels…and one ice-cold heart.

After the first pilot was rejected, Roddenberry re-worked the concept for the second pilot, Planet Earth (1974), directed by famed Star Trek director Marc Daniels, which recast actor John Saxon in the Dylan Hunt role and co-starred Diana Muldaur(who later was cast as Doctor Pulaski in Star Trek The Next Generation) in the role of Marg, leader of a Amazon race called “Women of Ruth”. This pilot was also rejected and a third pilot, titled Strange New World starring Saxon, was produced without Roddenberry’s involvment. 

The name “Dylan Hunt” would be finally used as the name of the starship captain played by Kevin Sorbo in the Gene Roddenberry’s Andromeda TV Series.

Both Genesis II and Planet Earth will be out on DVD on Tuesday, as part of the new Warner Archive DVD series.


Well what do you think os these pilot releases? This is really interesting. If you’re a Star Trek fan, i’m sure you’ll love them.