At the beginning of August I got a message from Emz&Shez – they wanted to do a tribute-video for Rachelle Lefèvre.

Just a couple of days after Summit’s official confirmation to replace Rachelle Lefèvre by Bryce Dallas Howard in the 3rd ‘Twilight’-installation ‘Eclipse’ – reason: schedule-differences.
I don’t want to judge here about whos fault it is. But in the end Rachelle is not a part of ‘Eclipse’ cast. Something I’m really sad about, because I loved her playing the bad and evil vampire Victoria.
That’s why I decided to do a pic for Rachelle to show her my support and that I love her and her work.

Two days ago I got another eMail from Emz&Shez – the video is finished!

And all who are a part of it started to tweet Rachelle, to let her know about the video – result: Rachelle really watched it … and she loves it! And: she re-tweeted

Also the mom of Cameron Bright (who is playing the Volturi Alec in ‘New Moon’ and ‘Eclipse’) Anne Bright watched it and wrote on her twitter – how amazing is this!

I’m really happy and proud about being a part of this video – and somehow overwhelmed and more than glad Rachelle pays attention to us. What a nice and wonderful actress.
Do you also like the tribute video? And what do you think about Rachelle’s reaction?