OBS reviewer Sammy has a new interview to share with all of our readers! She recently had the opportunity to chat with author R.E. Shaehan about her novel Storm of Arranon, where they discuss the inspiration behind the book, its characters, the number of book in the series and more. Enjoy!

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Sammy: Since this is the first book in the series, do you have a number in your mind for the length of this series?

R.E. Sheahan: Well, I did. I’d planned on four books, but my characters seem to have their own ideas about how and when to end the series. Recently I was lead to a premise for a fifth. So . . . ?

Sammy: I think the part of the mixed children, their struggles and feelings of being different, will especially resonate with children of mixed race. Was that your intention?

R.E. Sheahan: I wanted to write a good book, full of engaging characters, action, and adventure, an escape into another world for a short time. If the reader draws any similarities to their own situation, or thinks about the prejudice of Arranon and Korin, one fact I hope the reader can take from the story is we are all different . . . special. Whether it’s race, religion, presumed disabilities, likes, and dislikes, every person has rights and something wonderful to offer. The mixed children of Arranon and Korin come with all these stigmas, making them outcasts of both worlds. Being of blended race, they understand and accept the religious, ecological, personal, and political differences and beliefs of both civilizations. On the surface, this concept of acceptance, of a middle ground, appears so simple, but difficult to attain.

Sammy: Will we learn more about the planet and its connection to its people?

R.E. Sheahan: Erynn’s connection to Arranon definitely increases in book two. But she is still learning, evolving, struggling to gain control of her growing abilities. Jaer begins to experience some of what Erynn does, and I love the way he embraces these encounters. In book two, Erynn does help some new characters regain their lost connection to Arranon. Very important!

Sammy: I have to ask will Sean have his own book? He was such a sweetie.

R.E. Sheahan: I loved who Sean became in this book. His role of being a big brother to Erynn in book two is similar. Hmmm. A book about Sean. Interesting.

Sammy: What was the most challenging part of writing this novel? Most fun?

R.E. Sheahan: For me the most challenging part of any book is the first page, the first paragraph, that first line. They are so important. If you can’t grab the reader’s interest on the first line and keep them reading through to the end of the page, it doesn’t matter how great the rest of the book is, you’ve probably lost a reader.

Now for the fun part! Once I learned to let go, to give my imagination freedom, to trust myself, I had a great time creating animals, places, and characters. I dropped the characters into unusual and often dangerous circumstances, allowed them to ‘think’ themselves out of their predicament. But sometimes their only option was to fight for what they believed in.

Sammy: How did the idea for Storm of Arranon come to you?

R.E. Sheahan: I should start with admitting I have a vivid imagination. I enjoy reading books that take me into the pages, like I’m there every exciting moment with the characters. So don’t laugh when I tell you how this particular story came to my ever-wandering mind.

Clears throat, fingers hesitate over keyboard. Okay . . . Star Wars. I loved the adventure, the innocence, and the action. I watched Star Wars over and over and got a huge case of the ‘what ifs’. Years later those what if’s lead in a very round about and convoluted way to Erynn and her worlds.

Sammy: Are there more mixed children with special powers hidden out there to be found?

R.E. Sheahan: Yes, but the focus will be on the ones Erynn has already met. I have plans for them! And some new characters introduced in book two!

Sammy: Is there a timeline for when the next book comes out? Clearly I’m a fan! Thank you.

R.E. Sheahan:  Thank you!

I just finished a grueling two weeks of working with the artist on the cover. Sheesh, that was intense!

Book two is with the editors, then it’s off to the proofreader. I’m aiming for a November launch!

I finished a rough draft of book three in NaNoWriMo last year. This November I’ll slam out the draft of book four!


Thank you to author R.E. Shaehan for a great interview!