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True Blood’s vampire Bill and New Zealand actress Anna Paquin’s fiance Stephen Moyer has been in Auckland filming adventure film, Ice. And no, Anna wasn’t here with him. He heads back to the States this week to start filming the third series of True Blood. TimeOut caught up with him briefly as he traipsed around the bowels of Auckland museum, which forms part of the Ice set.

How do you like New Zealand? It’s absolutely beautiful, I love it, and hopefully at some point I’ll be able to come back and spend more time here when I’m not working, and have a better look around.

Did you get any down-time to explore Auckland outside its isthmus? I’ve been over to Piha, and loved it, loved it. I walked up that central rock and dug some sand and took some photos. I had a wicked sandwich over there which I was very impressed by because I didn’t think I was going to find anything.

How does New Zealand compare to those places you’ve been to? It’s quite interesting because it reminds me of home a lot. I’m from North of London, from Brentwood in Essex. A very green, villagey kind of place and New Zealand feels very much like that. Where I’m from I would have to drive a bit further to get to water, and if I wanted to get to mountains I would have to get to Scotland but I do find New Zealand is very similar in colour at least and weather. It’s fab, I love it.

Who’s this character you’ve been playing in Ice? I play the Minister of Environment Simon Peterson, who’s also the chair of a polar sub-committee that is monitoring the effects of global warming on the Arctic Circle. The show’s set in 2020, we imagine a world where global warming has accelerated faster than we imagined.

Now that you’ve had a taste, can you tell us what’s it like in 2020? 2020 seems quite like it is now – obviously we survived the movie 2012 – I think everyone’s going to be very warm, and we’ll have nice radioactive tans if we make it that long.

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It’s nice to know more about Stephen Moyer and it’s great that he likes photografy. That new movie sounds really good too, we must think of the environment. What do you think of this interview?