Have you ever had a question for you favorite author? Something in a book that bugs you and you want to know why it happened that way, and didn’tknow how to get in contact with them! Or found a Myspace or Facebook for that author but it turned out it was a fake. Then check this out.

YAedgebookclub has a very special “event” going on at there site right now!

Have a question for AprilynnePike that you’ve been dying to ask? She has been kind enough to answer any questions regarding writing, Wings or teen fiction! Just post your question in the comment section of this blog post by Saturday, August 22, 10am PDT.

While you’re at it, don’t forget to join in on the Wings discussion! The second set of questions will be posted soon!

But you better Hurry up. There only taking comments until the 22nd (10amPDT)

Click HERE to leave your comments for Aprilynne Pike

This is super cool! To bad I haven’t read Wings yet, otherwise I would totally do this!

Have you read Wings? Are you a fan of Aprilynne Pike’s work? Are you going to leave a comment for her?