Quarterback Draw

Play by Play, Book #9

By Jaci Burton

ISBN#  9780425263006

Author’s Website:  http://www.jaciburton.com/

Brought to you by OBS reviewer Heidi

quarterback-drawGrant Cassidy is living the life.  A star quarterback for a professional football team, single and carefree with the ability to land any girl he could possibly want.  Of course no girl has really been able to nail him down for the long hall.  No girl has ever struck him in that way, until he is paired with well-known model, Katrina Koslova,  for a photo shoot.  There was an instant spark between the two of them, one that Grant isn’t willing to let fizzle out!

Katrina has been raising her brother and sister since she was 17 when her mom died.  Her dad had abandoned them and Katrina refuses to get into a situation to give a man that same opportunity to hurt her.  She lives her life for her siblings to make sure they have all they need.  Romance is definitely not in the cards, and could only get in the way of her plans for her life.

But once Grant invades her life, can she walk away?

This was an okay read, but really lacked the spark that the previous novella, Holiday on Ice, had.  I really wanted to like this couple and this romance, but honestly Katrina can be quite the buzz kill!  When Grant first tried to pursue her she was quite the stuck-up little bitch.  I couldn’t fathom why he’d want to continue after the way she treated him at the hotel dining area that night.  But even after they got past all of that, she always had one foot out the door, refusing to be in a relationship, and always looking ahead until when she would be free of him, and when the heartbreak for her and her siblings would occur.  She never quite realized that forcing a break between them would be harder on all involved than if Grant would leave them or break her heart in some other way.

I found Katrina to be a little too perfect and prudish to be realistic.  Raising her siblings as her own kids with no complaints, even though it would have ended her childhood quite effectively.  Landing the perfect job for her at the perfect time, affording her to comfortably afford to raise them.  And, putting all her needs aside for them.  Even willing to sacrifice Grant to keep them from being hurt by some unknown event in the future.

Grant was a stand-up guy and a total sweetheart.  Too good to be true perhaps.  Although he was a bit overbearing, at times forcing his own agenda.  He has an amazing family that we’re bound to read more about in the future installments of the series.  In fact, I believe his brother, Tucker, is the athletic lead in the next book of the series, All Wound Up.

I found the supporting cast of this book, truly made the story.  Anya, Leo, and all of Grant’s siblings ribbing each other was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed it.

“Sorry. It took me a little longer to get ready because someone keeps borrowing my clothes and makeup.”

“Yeah, I can’t help myself. Your turqoise eye shadow looks so good on me,” Leo said, giving Katrina a crooked smile.

Anya snorted and shoved into her brother. “And don’t forget how her pink miniskirt highlights the dark hairs on your legs.”

Leo looked at Anya and gave her a short nod. “This is true.”

And, being a Burton book, the sex scenes never disappoint either!

This was a decent installment to the series, but was pretty much a middle of the road kind of story, not terrible, but not great … just somewhere in the middle.

“Thank you for realizing I’m capable of making sound decisions.”

“Of course you are. You chose me after all.”

*OBS would like to thank the publisher for supplying a free copy of this title in exchange for an honest review*