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Is it possible to accidentally like vampires? Because despite no real interest in the mythology (8th grade Anne Rice phase aside), my most recent obsessions are pretty vampire-centric. True Blood. Twilight. Concrete Blonde’s The Bloodletting. I really don’t seek the stuff out, the list just goes on and on of its own accord.


Case in point: Pretty Dead, the forthcoming novel by girl goddess supreme (and my personal fave) Francesca Lia Block. A new FLB tale featuring a female vampire protagonist? Clearly the stars want me to be all vampire, all the time.

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I think it’s interesting that not only are vampires popular among fantasy fans, but among people who just enjoy reading. Vampires aren’t just about blood anymore, and everyone seems to be enjoying them.

Did you search out vampire books, or did you find a few books you liked, and they just happened to be about vampires? Were you looking for more vampire books post Twilight?