Keeper of Light, Book #2
By Dejana Vuletić
ISBN# 9781300082842
Author’s Website:  http://poisonouspurity.blogspot.com/

Brought to you by OBS reviewer Dawn

*Beware of Spoilers*


Twelve years after the conclusion of Poison, the adventure continues when Balthazar and his brothers initiate a plan to bring about the destruction of Dessa and her friends by resurrecting the Lord of Hell, Orion. Having been locked into the stars as punishment for causing the death of the ancient world, Orion is lying in wait for his sons to make good on their promise and bring him back to life.

The lives of the Keepers are threatened constantly, and Dessa realizes that once again, she is the key to everything. Dessa’s past life as a Keeper comes back to haunt her when her memories begin to fully return after millennia of remaining buried in the darkness, and the harsh realizations she encounters just might be enough to break her. With nowhere else to turn, Dessa finds herself running into the arms of the very man she had vowed to destroy: Balthazar.

Can Dessa rise to the challenge and expel her enemies for eternity? Or will she fall to her own darkness as she struggles to define the person she truly wants to be? With allegiances tested, the bonds of love broken, and the tenuous line between ally and foe becoming completely nonexistant, the Keepers are in for the toughest fight of their lives.


We jump right back into Dessa and Chris’ life 12 years later. The story is picked up seamlessly by Vuletić. It was like catching up with a long-lost friend.

Their daughter McKenna is introduced as we learn about who she is and her central part in the story. Vuletić used Kenna to fill in the past and I thought that was clever. We get to know Kenna as she gives us a history lesson, for those of us who need it.

I feel like the theme of Possession is “Who are you, Dessa?” And I don’t think she fully knows herself. She battled her darkest side in Poison but she needs to do some soul searching to find herself. She is tormented with paranoia and nightmares and unable to enjoy her life because of it.

We learn about the Hitobashira. That was pretty shocking! I was also totally thrown off by another keeper popping up. I never saw that coming either. Vuletić is great with plot twists. Her writing style combined with the clever plot twists make the book REALLY fun to read.

Dessa betrayed herself and her loved ones in Possession. She lost this round and I was very disappointed in her behavior and choices. BUT the beauty of personal growth is that you’re never finished. The same pitfalls come around again and again to test you. It’s easy to fall right back into old patterns.

I have no idea where the series will go from here. I’m excited to find out.

Although it’s the second in the series, it doesn’t fall into the boring middle book trap. I think the book would appeal to everyone. There are some sex scenes but not too graphic, making the book safe for young adults.