Keeper of Light, Book #1
by Dejana Vuletić
ISBN# 9781105427954
Author’s Website:  http://poisonouspurity.blogspot.com/

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Dessa Ambrose – the normal girl-next-door who yearns for her life to attain meaning – meets the strangely alluring Christopher Calder, who holds the secrets of the past and the keys to all the doors Dessa wishes to open. As she spends more time with Chris, Dessa begins to realize that he isn’t human – or at least not a normal one. His mysterious powers leave Dessa questioning the very foundation of the world she grew up in, and when Chris finally opens the door to Dessa’s future, she finds herself reluctant to walk through it.

Chris brings her – along with her brother: Ricky, best friend: Paola, and the local subject of everyone’s dirty stares: Skylar – to the mythical Fountain of Athanasia, where they all finally remember who they were, why they had forgotten, and just exactly what they were capable of.

As a newly Awakened Keeper – a God in the form of a human with the power to control one of the elements of nature—Dessa learns of her affinity for Light, but as she and her friends try to remember everything from their dark pasts, the evil they knew then has followed them to the present. But unfortunately for them, none of them can remember who that evil might be.

With that evil destroying the bonds that hold them so close to one another, wreaking destruction upon the world, and attempting to claim Dessa’s life at every available turn, Dessa realizes that her true destiny can no longer be avoided.

When it all comes down to it, Dessa must either forfeit herself, her power, and her will to live, or she must give up the lives of the entire world – of those she sought to protect. Can she make the ultimate sacrifice? Or is she just as spineless as the enemy believes her to be?


It’s difficult to write a review for Poison without giving away the plot. Have you ever heard the song “This Is How A Heartbreaks” by Rob Thomas. In the song he’s having a conversation with himself. In the video, he is being chased around a city. Who is the nameless/faceless person chasing him?

Dessa is an interesting lead character; she is an old soul. She has such wisdom and she’s incredibly self-possessed and self-aware. I grew with her as she learned who she is and what she must do.

The character development is essential because a lot is going on with each character. By the time I was well into the plot, I felt I knew each one of them. Pa, Chris, Ricky, Skylar etc… There were some clues that all was not well but each crumb dropped made me more eager to unravel the story. I needed to know where they came from and why they were here.

There are keepers of fire, wind, light, earth, water, darkness, secrets etc…..Darkness was the most interesting because of the destruction it could cause. In darkness many things can grow –greed, lust, anger, bitterness and if you’re not careful, those things can take over and drive your motives. Darkness can feed on your soul. She has hunters that protect her. All of them were frozen but have been reborn. What will they do this time around?

The plot is intense and I love the visual Dejana Vuletić  created with each character and mirrors. Dessa reaches deep within herself to face her personal demons. She vowed to protect her loved ones and was willing to do whatever it takes. She learned to embrace her faults, to accept and love all of herself. That’s a powerful message!

I’m trying to be vague on the details but I want to stress that you should read the book. I loved it; It’s a great read. I’ve added Dejana Vuletić to my “authors I keep track of” list. I MUST read the next installment and you should too!