5 star rating
Picked to Die
Orchard, Book #8
By Sheila Connolly
ISBN#  9780425257111
Author Website: http://www.sheilaconnolly.com/

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The new Orchard Mystery–from the New York Times bestselling author of Golden Malicious and Scandal in Skibbereen


It’s harvest time in Granford, Massachusetts, and orchard owner Meg Corey and her fiancé, Seth, are both racing to beat the New England winter. Meg is bringing in her apple crop with a team of workers, while Seth is working to restore an old building in the center of town. But when his project is set back due to the unexpected discovery of a skeleton under the building—and even worse, a young man related to one of Meg’s former apple pickers is found dead behind the local feed store—the couple’s carefully laid plans are quickly spoiled…

Meg can’t help but wonder: are they just unlucky, or is there something rotten in Granford? If so, she knows she’s got to seek out the bad apple before it ruins the whole bunch…

Includes Delicious Recipes


Picked to Die is the 8th in Sheila Connolly’s Orchard Mystery series. With harvest time at hand, Meg Corey is up to her eyes in apples and has no time left for anything. Not even planning her up coming wedding with fiancé Seth Chapin. Seth is just as busy with several renovation projects needing his immediate attention. Including the Historical Society’s building which is expanding down. Everything stops for Seth and his project when a skeleton is found in the dirt below the building.  And that is just the beginning of the craziness in Granford, Massachusetts.

The characters in this installment of the Orchard Mystery series are so well developed and feel like family and friends to me. The town is wonderful and the storyline, as always, is fun and entertaining. Meg is pulled into a mystery when a young man is killed that is related to one of her former apple pickers. The mysteries are fun, thought provoking and keep the reader guessing.

Sheila Connolly’s writing style brings the reader into the sights, scents and sounds of the small town. You can almost smell the apples as they are picked off the tree. She draws the reader in and does not let go. The storyline keeps the reader guessing and wanting to know more. I would highly recommend Picked to Die to any cozy mystery lover and anyone that enjoys a well written mystery with a wonderful cast of characters and a pleasant setting.

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