5 star rating
Perfect Timing
By Laura Spinella
ISBN# 9780425267301
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*Lots and Lots of Spoilers*

perfect-timing-laura-spinellaIsabel Lang’s mom moved her to a small Alabama town shortly after Isabel’s parents’ divorce. Isabel quickly became friends with playboy, Aidan Roycroft, who went through girlfriends like someone with a cold goes through tissues.  But Isabel and Aiden were tight friends and she made sure never to become one of the countless other girls panting after him.

Aiden had big dreams of becoming a rock star, and right when his dreams appeared to becoming true, Isabel suffered the worst moment of her life; her mom’s boyfriend, Rick, tried to rape her.  Aiden got there just in time to stop it, but found himself being accused of the crime and attempted murder of Rick.  Isabel pleaded Aiden’s innocence to the police, but her pleas fell on deaf ears, nobody believing an upstanding man of town could be responsible for something so vile.

In an effort to keep Aiden out of jail, he and Isabel flee to Las Vegas, where Aiden’s dreams start to come true; he convinces the girl he loves to marry him and meets with a record label mogul who sees dollar signs when he looks at Aiden.

But Isabel is forced to leave Aiden, breaking his heart in the process, in order to keep his rock star dream alive and to keep him out of jail!

Seven years after Isabel’s ultimate sacrifice, she is forced to reach out to Aiden.  The radio station she works for is changing formats and if she can’t get the unrealistic ratings the new owner is expecting, she and her two co-workers will be out of a job!  Little does she know that it’s a scheme perpetrated by her ex-husband in order to win her back once and for all.

What can I say?  I absolutely adored this book!  It’s always great when you are reading a book and get to the end and can’t put it down, but it’s quite a rarity to find a book you can’t put down even in the beginning!  And, that is exactly what I found with Perfect Timing!  I honestly just wanted to put my life on hold to finish reading this book!  It really is that good!

I really loved seeing the flashbacks to Aiden and Isabel’s past in the beginning of the story.  Their friendship that grows into so much more was so sweet and touching.  And, the way he was willing to sacrifice everything to protect Isabel, made me fall in love with him even more!

After the trip to Vegas, I quickly hated Fitz!  What a snake in the grass!  But that’s what makes a good villain!  It was heart-wrenching watching Isabel break Aiden’s heart!  And, then to see the lengths that Fitz went to keep the couple apart.

“I’ll be a son of a bitch,” Patrick said.

Aidan could barely make his eyes move, forcing them from the papers onto him. “What?”

“I make a living, even life and death judgments, by reading peoples’ body language, their raw reactions to situations. And I’d almost swear you’ve never seen those documents before.”

“Well,” Aidan said, swallowing hard, calculating what fame and money had cost him. “I’d say you’re damn good at your job, because I haven’t.”

I hated seeing Aiden with Anne, even if he was only trying to replace what he had with Isabel (falling short of course).  The only part of this book I really didn’t like was seeing  her working with Fitz and staking her claim on Aiden to Isabel!  Granted, it’s a part of the book you aren’t supposed to like!

Isabel’s boyfriend was nice enough, but I knew after reading her history with Aiden, that Nate was doomed to heartbreak.  Especially after reading the part about Aiden’s tattoo and the meaning behind the design (not sharing the meaning here though)!

“No hay problema,” Orlando agreed. “But you haven’t said where?” His eyes grazed over the rumpled tux, Aiden not having thought about where the tattoo might go. Isabel had an answer.

“His neck.”

“My neck?”

“Tiene cojones,” Orlando said slyly grinning.

“Yes, your neck. It’ll be your thing, you know, when you’re famous–like an insigna. It’s sexy and dangerous. Aidan’s going to be a famous rock star, Orlando.”

Aidan admired her confidence. “From her lips …”

“I surely hope, mis amigos, because putting that thing on your neck does not say nine-to-five employment.”

I was honestly surprised that Nate gave up so easily.  I know it was supposed to be a noble exit, but I was dismayed that he didn’t fight more for her.

But of course the important part was Isabel and Aiden!  The ending was as great as the rest of the book!  And, I loved the whole contract signing scene; priceless!  And, of course the concert where he bares all!

“Seven years ago tonight, every dream I ever had came true. That’s not something too many men get to claim. I’m very lucky, blessed, whichever you believe. Probably a lot of both.“

I wanted to include much more of the above scene in this review, but it’s such a good part of the story that I was afraid it would give away too much and it would lose its appeal when people read the novel!

If you’re looking for a book chock full of steamy sex scenes, this book isn’t for you.  There are a few sex scenes, but they aren’t overly detailed, as that’s just not the kind of book this is.  But if you’re looking for an amazing love conquers all story, full of emotion and powerful writing, this is a book you will NOT want to miss!