Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan
Chapter 16: We Take a Zebra to Vegas
Written by Katlyn


Percy, Annabeth, and Grover met Ares in the diner parking lot. Percy confronted him about the trick he played on them and Ares was very satisfied with himself, and he told them that their ride was in the parking lot. It was an animal transport. Ares gave them a backpack full of supplies and sent them on their way. Percy stopped Ares and asked about his mother. Ares told him that his mother was not dead, she was being kept so that whoever had her had the upper hand with Percy. Ares left them, and they hustled into the back of the truck. They discovered that the transport was escorting a zebra, antelope, and male albino lion. Grover was disgusted by the ‘humane’ transport these animals were given, but Percy told him they would help them later.

Annabeth apologized to Percy about freaking out with the spiders. She said it was because of the Arachne story where Athena turned her into a spider after challenging her to a basket weaving contest. She then asked Percy about what Luke said earlier, and Grover was embarrassed that Percy would not want Percy to accompany him if he knew the truth. Grover was the satyr that was supposed to transport Thalia back to Half-Blood Hill. Annabeth and Luke were the other travelers with them. Grover failed because he tried to save everyone from the Kindly Ones versus saving just Thalia. Annabeth and Percy told Grover it was not his fault, then he fell asleep.

Percy noticed Annabeth was deep in thought rubbing her necklace. He asked about her father’s college ring and she said he sent it to her since Athena helped him through his doctoral program. He also said he missed Annabeth and wanted her to come home. She believed him and did come home but ended up in the same situation as before. After a few moments of silence Annabeth told Percy that in the big fight she would fight by his side even if Athena did not.

Percy had a nightmare. He was taking a standardized test in a straightjacket with Thalia in the same situation next to him. Percy got out of the jacket and went to persue Hades. He overheard him talking to someone else about how something was stolen and how they everything was going to plan with Zeus and Poseidon fighting. They then realized that Percy was there and they called him to them. The scene then changed with Percy on a throne of human bones reaching out for his mother. He then realized his hands were withering to bones and he was being smoked by Chimera poison.

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Characters Involved (Characters who are interacted with)

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Nancy Bobofit









Places Visited

Denver (diner parking lot)
Las Vegas (Lotus Casino)


“You think you’ll ever try living with your dad again?”

She wouldn’t meet my eyes. “Please. I’m not into self-inflicted pain.”

“Because you’re my friend, Seaweed Brain. Any more stupid questions?”

“Don’t worry,” he said. “I placed a satyr’s sanctuary on them.”


“Meaning they’ll reach the wild safely,” he said. “They’ll find water, food, shade, whatever

they need until they find a safe place to live.”

“Why can’t you place a blessing like that on us?” I asked.

“It only works on wild animals.”

“So it would only affect Percy,” Annabeth reasoned.

I balled up my fists. “You’re pretty smug, Lord Ares, for a guy who runs from Cupid statues.”

Questions for consideration

Why do you think Percy could also hear the animals talking in the truck?

Who do you think ran the Lotus Hotel and why?