Percy Jackson and The Olympians: The Lightning Thief
Chapter Summary: Chapter 18 – Annabeth Does Obedience School

By Rose

They enter DOA Recording Studio and lie to Charon the security guard about how they died and say they drowned in a bathtub. Charon realizes they aren’t dead. Percy bribes his with coins.

Charon takes them into the elevator, which turned into a boat and they descend to River Styx and reach the Underworld.

There is a death queue with three lines. Percy remarks he can start to see the ghouls better and Annabeth says it is probably because they are closer to being dead. Cerberus a dead dog monster sniffs them and can tell they are not really dead. Grover understands its barks and believes it to be cursing at them. They have moments distract it and Annabeth takes the red ball from her bag and gives it to Cerberus. They quickly go through the EZ Death line and hide in some trees as security searches for them.

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What was your favorite part of this chapter?

What are your favorite quotes?

Funny mentions:

EZ Death line – like the EZ pass line when driving.

Memorable Quotes:

Percy: I’m not sure what I was expecting – Pearly Gates, or a big black portcullis, or something. But the entrance to the Underworld looked like a cross between airport security and the Jersey Turnpike.

Grover: “So what have we learned today?”
Percy: “That three-headed dogs like red rubber balls over sticks”