Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan
Chapter 13: I Plunge To My Death
Written by Katlyn

Percy, Annabeth, and Grover were two days into their Amtrak trip. Percy tried to keep a low-profile on the train because his name and picture were on the newspapers explaining that he was missing along with his mother. Annabeth tried to sooth Percy’s fears but he was still worried.

Percy spent a majority of the trip looking out the window and he saw mythological creatures on the landscape, while the mortals were oblivious. Since they weren’t able to afford a sleeping car, they were forced to sleep uncomfortably in their seats. Annabeth asked Percy what he was dreaming about since he was talking in his sleep. He told her he was dreaming about Hades and rescuing his mother. Annabeth told him that he couldn’t barter with Hades because he was selfish and greedy. Percy asked what she would do if her father was taken by Hades. She explained that she would leave him down there to rot. Percy was taken aback by her answer. Annabeth explained that her father had resented her the moment she was dropped on his doorstep. He went on with his mortal life with his mortal family and Annabeth was left out. Her father and his wife always blamed her for bad things that happened so she took the hint and left to Half-Blood Hill.

As they passed through Mississippi into St. Louis, Annabeth saw the Gateway Arch and told Percy she wanted to build something like that someday. Percy and Annabeth both agreed to try and work together even though their mother and father did not. All three got off the train at the station for the three hour layover and went to the Arch.

As they made their way to the Gateway Arch, Percy smelled something ‘wrong’. He asked Grover about it but he said it was just the Underground air. Percy asked if Hades had a hat like Annabeth’s and she said yes, it is called the Helm of Darkness, which allowed him to become that darkness that everyone feared. Percy wondered since they couldn’t see him, then he could be watching them undetected. They disagreed.

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Questions for consideration

Do you think Percy and Annabeth will have the same fate as Poseidon and Athena?

Is Percy’s ability to smell other monsters strengthening as he is embracing his bloodline?

Why do you think Echidna wanted Percy to jump and save himself in the water below?