Percy Jackson and The Olympians: The Lightning Thief

Chapter Summaries

By Rose

Chapter 19 – We Found Out the Truth, Sort of

They arrive at the Field of Asphodel with millions of the undead roaming in the darkness.

They walk deeper into Asphodel when Grover’s sneakers sprout wings and lift him up. His magic words have no effect. Annabeth and Percy followed him as he was dragged through a tunnel towards a chasm, the place in Percy’s dream. One sneaker finally came loose and Percy and Annabeth helped Grover to stop.

They return their course and enter the house of Hades. Hades tells Percy he is brave to come. Percy tells him he has two requests. He explains a war among god would be very bad and asks for Zeus’s master bolt so he can carry it to Olympus. Hades tells him that Percy is the thief, and he stole the bolt on the Winter Solstice and wants Percy to return his helm or he will stop death.

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Memorable Quotes:

Percy: “Charon wants a pay raise.”