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We are now a month away from the premiere of the second season of Penny Dreadful. The season is scheduled to make its comeback on Sunday May 3rd at 10 p.m. ET/PT, on Showtimes. You can read our recaps/review of the all first season’s episodes here. For now, let’s recap on what the first season ended.

The battle with first season’s enemy, ended with Sir Malcolm killing his daughter Mina that was turned into a vampire. Mina was going to take Vanessa to her master, that wasn’t the vampire they had chased all season, but in fact another one. After seeing that Mina couldn’t be reasoned with, Sir Malcolm saved Vanessa over her.


Brona and Ethan’s relationship ends with her dying of Consumption (Tuberculosis). What Ethan doesn’t know is that Victor takes her body to transform her into the bride Caliban asks for, after he failed to kill him.

Vanessa tells Dorian that they cannot be together because being with him awakens something in her that she fears. In other words, she dumps him. After this, Vanessa asks for an exorcism, but having a talk with the priest makes her reconsider if being touched by the “backhand of god” is not so bad after all.


Lastly, after the death of Brona, Ethan is drinking his sorrows away when the men that were hired by his father find him. The sadness and anger combined with the tantrum of the men and the full moon in the sky finally shows us, Ethan transforming into a werewolf, and later killing them.


The second season is said to have ten episodes this time around. A trailer has been released, where we can see that the new enemy is no other than Madam Kali, as she is a witch and a bride of the devil.

The YouTube page of Penny Dreadful has been uploading behind the scenes of the first season and some of the second season photo shoot and making of the series. The actors are also interviewed and give their opinion of the show.

Are you ready for the new season of Penny Dreadful? Who is your favorite character? Tells us in the comments.