Penguins Love Their ABC’s

By Sarah Aspinall

ISBN: 9781338134209

Author Website:

Brought to you by OBS reviewer Caro


Six penguins set off on an Alphabet Hunt, Mama has hidden all the alphabet letters in the snow. Each letter is marked by a clue (an “apple” leads to “a”). Will you help the penguins find all the hidden letters? Of course you will!

At the end of the Alphabet Hunt, it’s time to gobble up a big bowl of Mama’s alphabet soup, where words are hidden, too. All the penguins love their ABC’s — but not as much as they love Mama Penguin.


The little lovable penguins are back again and now they’re moving on from colors and learning their names, to letters such as the abc’s. In this new book Penguins Love Their ABC’s by Sarah Aspinall, the six little penguins are off on an Alphabet Hunt, and since it’s a special occasion they even get to wear their special hide-and-seek glasses, each a different color.

I liked that Mama penguin, apart from hiding items in the snow to help the little penguins learn the alphabet, also hid some items that were related in color and as a result kids get to learn their abc’s and review colors as well.

Another detail that I liked was that after learning a letter it asks the reader a question that is easy to answer and helpful as well, such as when Broccoli learns that his name starts with the letter B and then ask the reader if they know the first letter of their name.

Penguins Love Their ABC’s is another wonderful book by Sarah Aspinall that shows children a fun and creative way to learn their alphabet, just like a good visual, picture book. The illustrator and graphic designer in me approves 🙂