PAUL WEITZ ON CIRCQUE DU FREAK, IT’S IN THE DIFFERENCES caught up with Paul Weitz to ask questions about his newest project Circque du Freak:

MTV: Paul, we’re looking forward to “Cirque du Freak.” Give us your basic take on the plot.

Paul Weitz: It’s about a kid who gets a vampire as a mentor and goes to live in a traveling freak show.

MTV: We see a lot of cool-looking freaks in your trailer. Introduce us to them, if you could.

Weitz: The primary freak is John C. Reilly’s character, who also happens to be a vampire; he has a weird relationship with this spider, he does this act with a spider. Over the last 80 years or so, that’s what he’s done with his life — traveled with this weird freak show. The head of the freak show, Mr. Tall, is played by Ken Watanabe, a really amazing actor from “The Last Samurai” and “Letters From Iwo Jima.” What I did with him is, I extended his fingers and head and stuff and made him this really tall, freakish character. Then there’s Orlando Jones, who plays Alexander Ribs, a guy who has his skin shrink-wrapped to his internal organs. … His best friend and nemesis is Rhamus Twobellies [played by Frankie Faison], who is able to eat all sorts of stuff and create art in his stomach using a blowtorch. Jane Krakowski plays Corma Limbs, who’s able to slice off her limbs and grow them back — but I’m not able to show the real gore [of her character] in the trailer.

MTV: Yeah, we only see her slicing off an arm quickly.

Weitz: Then there’s Kristen Schaal from “Flight of the Conchords,” as a freak who is insecure because she’s not quite as freakish as the other freaks — her name is Gertha Teeth. She can bite stuff apart and cling to things with her teeth.

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I cannot wait to see this movie. The trailers are hysterical, the make-up looks amazing. And the cast – perfect.

What do you think of what Paul had to say about Cirque Du Freak? Will you see it?