Cover of eBook 1 of the Series: Sorcery & Cecilia: or The Enchanted Chocolate Pot (Book One)

Today we at OBS are proud to present Part Two of the deliciously named Enchanted Chocolate Pot Blog Fest! Last week we showcased the first letter from Patricia Wrede writing as Cecy to her cousin Kate in London, while Cecy is in Essex! Not the way these two cousins and BFFs wanted to spent their summer! The unedited first letter from Cecy to Kate showcased how Wrede intended to weave Cecy into the goings-on in London and today we have the edited version of that letter!

 Read the: Edited Version of Cecy’s First Letter to Kate

Here we see a Cecy that isn’t above using her brother Oliver to her own advantage and a tension between them is brought to light – after all what older brother wants to listen to their younger sister’s words of wisdom? It also highlights the way Cecy’s mind works compared to her older brother – she can see “which way the wind is blowing” even if he cannot. She is far more astute than Oliver in the ways of society and the rules she must abide by – she is quite capable of making those rules work to her advantage.

Cover of eBook 2: The Grand Tour

We also see in the edited version that Cecy is to have an introduction to the Lady Tarleton and her niece and I don’t know about you, but I get two impressions – the niece might every well prove to be a thorn in Cecy’s side, and no matter what, Cecy will not let anything keep her from a good party! However, what is most interesting is that Cecy’s opinion of Lord Bedrick and his talent for magic seems to have been toned down. In the earlier, unedited version of the letter, she seemed to know that he had not done anything noteworthy, but in the new letter, that sentence has been removed. In the context of that particular paragraph, it seems Cecy’s knowledge has been toned down in order perhaps, for Kate to be the one to bring aspects of Bedrick’s character to light? Or for them to put their heads and their respective information from Essex and London together to realize that Bedrick doesn’t have the talent to be inducted into the College?

What do you think? Should Cecy have retained her opinion of Bedrick? Look at the two letters side by side and let us know!

Read the unedited version of Kate’s First Reply to Cecy

Above is Kate’s first letter to Cecy. For me, the impression I get is that perhaps Cecy’s and Kate’s positions should have been better switched: Cecy seems like someone who would enjoy shopping more, whereas Kate seems bored after only 3 days in London. And maybe on her way to being exasperated.

Cover of eBook 3: The Mislaid Magician: or Ten Years After

She seems to be more practically minded and does not care for the airs of London society. Cecy might be more inclined to make those rules work for her, Kate thus far seems to only want to follow such rules if she has to – I get the impression of a woman who would have not trouble busying herself with far more interesting things than going shopping, for instance. It’s no wonder they’re BFFs, they complement each other quite well.

There is also an aura of someone who is more self-aware (and older) about Kate from the writing in her letter. I can definitely identify with her self-deprecation is describing her clumsiness or the honesty with which she says she believes Georgina will never shine in London society – there doesn’t seem to be malice around the latter though, just awareness. In the end, the first letter paints a picture of someone better suited to be seeking out the truth by attending a “wizard’s installation” – I can imagine Kate sweet-talking her way into it quite easily.

What do you think of the letters? And the hints of the way Kate and Cecy’s characters may complement each other? Who is going to get into trouble first – Kate or Cecy? Do you think Cecy might have been better suited to London after all?