Pariah #4 Graphic Novel Review 

Review brought to you by OBS Staff Member Rose 

Published by Sea Lion Books, “Pariah” by Aron Warner, is a cautionary tale set in the near future that debuted at the 2011 San Diego Comic-Con. In this #4 of the series, is the tale of teenage Franklin Hyde, the son of two powerful parents, who is hidden away from a young age due to his “special” nature. He is a Vitro.

The ultra smart Vitro’s who came to be by genetic mutation, pose a dangerous threat to society and it’s a threat that must be dealt with.

In a flashback, we learn his parents have hidden Franklin away, for to admit they had a Vitro son, would destroy their reputations and standing in society. Franklin rarely if ever leaves the house and barely speaks while growing up and suffers from having neglectful parents.

His life changes forever when he comes across a news story of others like him who committed arson. Whispers of plots and plans reach Franklin’s ears when old time family friend Dawes and his parents concoct a story for the media behind closed doors.

His parents ignore his pleas for inclusion in their discussion and he decides to take matters into his own hands.

He comes to his parents with an idea that would (in a perfect world) save all the Vitros but what transpires turns into a nightmare.

Rife with current themes of media spin, society shunning the different and the political game of the creation of an ongoing enemy for the public, the Pariah series is a not too futuristic look at the struggle of people who are not like others and are castrated for it.

With a twist, the close of this fourth in the series of 12 graphic novels, is a cliffhanger that leaves you wanting for more. More answers, more intrigue, and more of the story. We simply cannot wait for the fifth in the series to come out and neither will you! Get your hands on 1-3!!