Brought to you by OBS reviewer Valerie

This is my casting for Paranormalcy, a book about a girl who can see through glamours. That gets her a job at a paranormal center and a chance to be totally different, which of course results in some interesting twists.


Evie: I really think AnnaSophia Robb would be a great pick for this role. Not only can she act, but I feel like she really clicks as Evie.

Lend: For this casting, I’m going with my instincts. I have this gut feeling that Logan Lerman should play Lend, so I’m choosing him.

Reth: It took me a while to come up with someone to play Reth because he’s fey. Of course, whoever plays Reth has to give off fairy vibes or at least seem a little faery. The only guy I could think of who could do that and fit Reth’s physical description a little is Jamie Campbell Bower. I think he would make a great Reth!

Lish: I wanted someone who  just reeks mermaid. Okay, so maybe this is not mermaid-like, but I’m going for Liz Gillies. She reminds me of a mermaid so much in this picture!

Raquel: I choose Zoe Saldana. It’s another gut feeling thing. I feel like she could play Raquel well.

Who would you cast? What do you think about my casting? What’s your favorite thing about Paranormalcy?