Title: Paper Cuts

Series: Secret, Book & Scone Society Series

By: Ellery Adams 

ISBN: 9781496726476 (ISBN10: 1496726472)


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Miracle Springs, North Carolina, is famed for its healing springs. But bookstore owner Nora Pennington has a tendency to land in a different kind of hot water. Though she loves to practice bibliotherapy by finding the perfect books for her customers while listening to their secrets, she also likes to bury her nose in the occasional local crime…

Nora escaped her past a decade ago. So it feels like a visit from another world when Kelly Walsh—the woman her ex-husband left her for—walks through the door of Miracle Books along with her son, a sweet, serious boy with a talent for origami. Kelly hasn’t come to gloat, though. As it turns out, she’s been dumped too. She’s also terribly ill, and all she wants from Nora is forgiveness.

Shockingly, however, this woman who’s been the victim of so much misfortune is about to become a murder victim. Who would do such a thing? Certainly not Nora, but that doesn’t stop the gossip and suspicion—especially after Kelly’s brother claims that he saw the two women arguing.

In seeking justice for Kelly, The Secret, Book, and Scone Society joins forces with the sheriff’s department, but they’ve barely begun their probe when life throws another wrench. After serving a twenty-year sentence, Estella’s father returns to Miracle Springs. And when his past comes back to haunt him, it might be more than the four friends can handle. (Goodreads)


Paper Cuts is the sixth book in the Secret, Book & Scone Society Series by Ellery Adams. I must say, each book I read that is penned by Ellery Adams is a true delight in reading. I escape and fully immerse myself in the storytelling. In essence – my happy place.

The members of The Secret, Book, and Scone Society (Nora Pennington-owner of Miracle Books, Hester Winthrop, Estella Sadler, June Dixon) once again are involved in sleuthing…no surprise there since this is after all a cozy mystery ☺.

In the small town of Miracle Springs, Nora Pennington runs her bookstore Miracle Books. What is unique is that Nora just seems to know which book a customer needs when they enter the store and have a brief discussion. Pretty cool talent if you ask me!  In this story, Nora must deal with a blast from her past – and not in a good way. Nora comes face-to-face with Kelly Walsh – the woman that her ex husband left her for. What is she doing in Miracle Springs? And with her special young boy who has a real gift for origami. Kelly is very ill, hence the move to Miracle Springs, and wishes to make amends with Nora for the strife she caused previously with Nora’s ex and their relationship. The murder victim ends up being Kelly. This does perplex Nora as who would want a terminally ill person dead? Given their “history” it is no surprise that Nora is pegged as a likely suspect. So to clear her name the Secret, Book and Scone Society get to work to clear Nora’s name.

The challenge with Nora being a possible suspect is that she no longer has the obvious and overt closeness of her beau, Deputy Grant McCabe. Naturally, he believes she’s innocent; however, being in law enforcement means they must stay apart during the investigation. Now that is very tough on Nora!

There is also a sub storyline which I feel was written very well and certainly added a dimension to the story. This deals with Gus and his re-entry into life after being incarcerated and how he reacts to being reunited with his daughter Estella. I applaud Ellery for bringing to light the challenges faced by ex-offenders to find work and restart their lives… and how difficult that can be.

With respect to the book jacket, who doesn’t love a few rows of books?  Very eye catching.

I found the mystery complex enough, with many red herrings, to keep my interest throughout. I shall not get into specifics because that is half the fun of reading cozy mysteries – figuring out whodunit yourself!  In fact, I did not figure out the whodunit until the very end – which is how I like my cozy mysteries!  

I highly recommend this sixth installment in the Secret, Book & Scone Society Series by Ellery Adams.