3 Star rating
Over the Line
An Alpha Ops Novel #2
By Emmy Curtis
ISBN#  9781455530946
Author’s Website:  www.EmmyCurtis.com

Brought to you by OBS reviewer Scott

over-the-line-emmy-curtisOver the Line is another installment in the Alpha Ops Line of Romantic-Suspense novels; each its own independent book. It was just the delightful, light and airy distraction that makes a late summers read. Sexy and slick, the twists and turns the novel takes both plot and the characters’ relations to the reader in spades. Meet Beth, a Special Forces operative. From the moment Sergeant James Walker, Tactical Air Support Party, saves her life in Afghanistan, the two star-crossed individuals begin a rollicking road of untamed passion to ultimate love.

The characters are nothing but believable. Beth has supressed her feelings for far too long, focusing on her career, and trying not to stand out as weak in a male dominated field. James though, makes her feel different – he turns her on, melts her,  for some strange reason. On the other hand, James is attracted to Beth right away. Purely physical at first, his emotional hit swings right back at him as he begins to fall for the woman behind the tough exterior.

What starts as a simple rock climbing getaway turns into a nightmare for James, as members of his estranged family have been getting disturbing e-mails over the course of his sister’s wedding; and his father, the Director of the CIA and doting mother who want him out of the USAF, into politics and married to a person of the right pedigree. With Beth posing as his fiancée, over the course of the weekend, the two get involved in affairs that lead to love and ultimately treason.

Speaking of affairs, this book holds nothing back. Beth and James’ feelings for each other spiral out of control and the novel just sizzles with sexual tension. There is just enough of it to build up to a climactic moment, and release without it degenerating into blank erotica. The sex scenes are racy and sensual, almost inviting the reader to share in the achingly vivid emotional highs and lows. The writing style is well polished and shines outstandingly here.

The only problem I had was with the interactions between the plot and character development. The plot was interesting enough, and could have been expanded upon quite easily and still read like a contemporary romance. The development of the characters didn’t grow out of the actions taking place in the novel, but rather on their proximity to one another.  This could have also been subsumed into the work if the novel wasn’t so focused on getting Beth and James naked as much as possible over the course of two days. However, that’s how most works in this genre operate, so it did not come as much of a surprise.

If racy, suspense filled romances coupled with military precision writing is your game, then you should give this a read. It definitely surprised me.

*OBS would like to thank the publisher for supplying a free copy of this title in exchange for an honest review*