Evil Dead MC, Book #1

By Nicole James

Author’s Website:  https://www.nicolejames.net/

Brought to you by OBS reviewer Heidi

Cole, bad boy biker and Vice President of the Evil Dead motorcycle club, was visiting another club, when he was completely disgusted by what he saw.  Another biker pulling a handcuffed woman across the yard and slapping her around.  He knew at that moment he had to get her away from him, no woman deserves to be abused.  However, he never expected that this was the one girl that could weasel herself into his dead black heart.

Cole quickly discovered he wanted to keep Angel, but he knew that she didn’t fit into his world.  And his president wanted her gone.  However, Cole underestimated the lengths Mack would go to in order to kick Angel out of Cole’s life.

Years later, Angel comes back when Cole least expects it and she completely rocks his world with the news she has to share.  News she’s only sharing because she needs his help.  He can’t deny Angel anything, but he is bound and determined to make her his once and for all.  Even if his wife doesn’t agree!

I actually really enjoyed this book.  It had a very Sons of Anarchy feel to it, and I often pictured Cole as Charlie Hunnam’s portrayal of Jax on the show.  A few other characters in the book also reminded me of SOA characters.

I really liked Cole.  He was the bad outlaw with the heart of gold, although he would deny that!  I was surprised that things that happened didn’t send Angel running for the hills before Mack sent her packing.  It really didn’t take much for Cole to get her back in his bed though once they were reunited!  However, keeping her there proves to be a harder proposition!  I found it unlikely that her aunt would be pushing so hard for Angel to be with Cole in real life though.

I enjoyed the storyline, but a lot of it was pretty predictable.  But with that being said, I still enjoyed the ride!  I found the ending did have much to be desired though (I just wanted MORE!), but overall it was a good book and the cover was pretty nice on the eyes too!  I definitely plan to read more of the series!