Only the Truth

By Adam Croft

ISBN# 9781503941793

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*Beware of Spoilers*

only-the-truth-adam-croftDaniel Cooper has never been a man that believed in love, which could explain why he’s always quick to jump in the sack with a willing female, marriage vows be damned!  And his work makes it easy since he travels a lot and lives from hotel to hotel.

His newest hotel has him sleeping with the receptionist, Jess.  But imagine his horror when he heads up to his room after dinner to find his wife dead in the bathtub.  His wife that should be 70 miles away at home.  And worse, she’s holding her cell phone with a message lit up on the screen from Dan telling her to come up to his room, a message he didn’t send!  What do you do when you’re being framed for a murder you didn’t commit?  In Dan’s case, you run!  But how long can you really outrun the police before they finally catch up to you.

This book sounded really interesting when I read the synopsis, and it started out pretty good.  But as Dan went on the run, not knowing who he could trust, and not knowing what to really do, I found myself getting dreadfully bored!

I can’t fathom why Dan was so quick to trust Jess in all this as she was my first suspect in Lisa’s murder.  She was there and wasn’t shocked at all when Dan mentioned his WIFE had been murdered, the WIFE he had never mentioned he had.  Not to mention she said something about her being 70 miles away even though Dan had never mentioned it to her.  But after she ended up dead too, I let it drop.  But I have to say that I really wasn’t all that shocked when the murderer was revealed.  The book did get interesting again at the end, but there was just so much mundane space between the good parts that I couldn’t give this book a better rating, although I wish I could.  If only it could have held my interest better!

We also got several flashback to Dan’s childhood.  Flashbacks that I thought would have some bearing on the story, but come to find out it had absolutely nothing to do with the mystery.  I have no idea what the point of having them even was!!

As high of expectations as I had for this novel, it sadly fell way short for me.