One Poison Pie

Kitchen Witch Mystery, Book #1

By Lynn Cahoon


Author Website: lynncahoon(.)com

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In the first in New York Times bestselling author Lynn Cahoon’s Kitchen Witch series, Mia Malone is starting over in Magic Springs, Idaho—where murder is on the menu . . .

What’s a kitchen witch to do when her almost-fiancé leaves her suddenly single and unemployed? For Mia Malone, the answer’s simple: move to her grandmother’s quirky Idaho hometown, where magic is an open secret and witches and warlocks are (mostly) welcome. With a new gourmet dinner delivery business—and a touch of magic in her recipes—Mia’s hopes are high. Even when her ex’s little sister, Christina, arrives looking for a place to stay, Mia takes it in stride.

But her first catering job takes a distasteful turn when her client’s body is found, stabbed and stuffed under the head table. Mia’s shocked to learn that she’s a suspect—and even more so when she realizes she’s next on a killer’s list. With Christina, along with Mia’s meddling grandma, in the mix, she’ll have to find out which of the town’s eccentric residents has an appetite for murder…before this fresh start comes to a sticky end. (Goodreads)


One Poison Pie is the entertaining first full-length cozy mystery in the Kitchen Witch series and my first book by the prolific Lynn Cahoon.  Full of delicious food references and just the right amount of paranormal elements, it is a promising debut.

After an ugly break-up with her fiancé, Mia moves to Miracle Springs to live closer to her grandmother and open a cooking school housed in an old school building.  While she awaits the completion of renovations, she hopes to start a gourmet meal delivery service, and her grandmother suggests catering her friend Adele’s birthday party thinking it would be great advertising.  Adele is one of the town’s richest and most prominent town’s residents, and though she is sometimes difficult, she does not deserve to die at her own party.  When Mia finds Adele’s body stuffed under a table, she quickly becomes the prime suspect.  To make matters even more complicated, her ex’s younger sister Christina arrives on her doorstep looking for a place to stay.  Being new to town, Mia has a lot to learn about the victim and suspects if she has any hope of saving her reputation and livelihood.

I did not realize that there is a prequel novella, Chili Cauldron Curse, to this series when I started reading, but I had no problem jumping into this book without having read the introductory story (I read it right after finishing One Poison Pie though).  I really like the cooking school premise, and Mia being a kitchen witch makes it even more appealing.  The paranormal elements are not necessarily the focus, but characters with varying degrees of openness about their magical abilities add depth to the characters and fodder for potential future shenanigans.  Mia’s home/business housed in an old school, potentially haunted, is also great fun.  I like Mia – she is strong, level-headed, and independent.  Her grandmother, Christiana, and love interest Trent are also great characters, and I look forward to getting to know them all better.  The mystery is well thought out and captivating.  There are enough clues and twists and turns to keep readers guessing.  Author Lynn Calhoon’s style is relatable, and the book moves along at a brisk pace.   
I really enjoyed One Poison Pie and recommend it to fans of both culinary and paranormal mysteries.