One Little Thing

Magnolia Beach, #1.5

By Kimberly Lang

ISBN: 9781101989845

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Even though her family moved away in disgrace after her father’s affair, Sophie Cooper knows that her childhood home in Magnolia Beach is the right place to open her bed and breakfast on the water—especially if it means she can watch the handsome local walk his dog on the beach every morning…

Quinn Haslett’s greatest regret has always been exposing the affair between Sophie Cooper’s father and their high school physics teacher—not that she ever knew who spilled the beans. When he sees Sophie again, the guilt comes rushing back, but it doesn’t stop him from wanting to see if the sparks flying between them could lead to something more.

But with a such a big secret lying in wait, it’s only a matter of time before their newly ignited relationship goes up in smoke.


For such a short book, this definitely packed a lot of story! One Little Thing is a novella in the Magnolia Series by Kimberly Lang with Sophia returning to Magnolia Beach, Alabama after a 10 year absence. Sophia’s goal is to open a B & B at the old refurbished Palmer House in town and live once again in her childhood town. The story begins by definitely setting the stage for a “hot/sizzling” story:


Sophie is thinking – Magnolia Beach certainly had some great scenery.  

“Sophie’s view surpassed all the ad-speak adjectives because it included the bronzed, broad shoulders and narrow hips of the man she’d privately nicknamed Studly.”

Sophia continues this daily ritual of watching “Studly” until one day as she was watching…:

“He knew. The realization hit her with a jolt. He’d seen her watching him. Damn.”

And thus, Sophia’s days of watching “Studly” are over…much to her chagrine. But alas, it turns out “Studly” is Quinn Haslett, the owner of the local paper, the Clarion. Sophia and Quinn went to school prior to her abrupt departure. Through casual meet ups; Sophia and Quinn slowly build a relationship. One of course that is built on a lie of omission (as Quinn has a secret which he is convinced will drive Sophia away). I loved the everyday interactions…going to a bar for an evening with friends (now that scene was chuckle worthy) or walking the dog.

Many trials and tribulations abound while getting the B & B up and running but as opening day approaches, Sophia is delighted that she is ahead of schedule and even contemplating preparing foods in quantities that will freeze well – for those times when she has so many guests her time will be pulled in many directions.

It was heartening to see that when Sophia and Quinn got together, they included Scoop (Quinn’s dog) as part of the dating unit 🙂

“Scoop, seemingly thirilled by this change in the atmosphere, bounced around them, wrapping her leash around them both at the knees.”

There were a few trying moments (i.e. when Sophia learn of Quinn’s secret) that the couple must overcome but their chemistry was undeniable. I found it interesting getting to know some of the local people in town (Tate Harris – the local vet or Molly Richards of Latte Dah, the only coffee shop in Magnolia Beach to name a couple). I hope their stories will evolve as the series continues. Helena Wheeler from book 1 of the series – Something to Prove – is back again.

I look forward to the continuation of this series. Of note, it is not necessary to read book one in the Magnolia Beach series to enjoy this story. I will wait with anticipation for book #2 – Everything at Last.

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