One Day Fiancé

By Lauren Landish

ISBN# 9798546856342

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Brought to you by OBS reviewer Heidi

Poppy Woodstock is an author of the successful romance novel, Love in Great Falls.  However, she’s fallen into the sophomore slump with the book’s sequel.  She’s under contract for two more titles, and the deadline for the first of the two is fast approaching.  Poppy is having the biggest case of writer’s block and nothing she’s tried to clear it is working.  So, her agent sends her to a writing workshop with her idol, author J.A. Fox, in hopes of helping to get Poppy’s juices flowing once again.

However, during her one-on-one with Fox, the lights go out and when they come back on her bag with her laptop (and the only copy of her in-progress manuscript) is gone.  The sexy security guard she’s been running into all night is also missing.  She knows that he’s the culprit, but has no way of finding him, and the police have been no help.

And, then a miracle happens.  A new neighbor moves in next door and Poppy instantly recognizes him as the missing security guard!  He agrees to help her recover the laptop, after of course, she introduces herself as his fiancé on the phone with his mother!  She even agrees to his mom’s request to come to dinner with the family!  After meeting the family though, it’s no surprise why he ended up being a degenerate thief!  Talk about dysfunctional!

The two grow closer as they work together to recover Poppy’s laptop.  Connor with his growly grumpiness and Poppy with her over the top crazy antics.  But somehow the combination works.  And, even better, being around Connor has opened the floodgates to Poppy’s writing.  Maybe she can meet her deadline after all …. If they find her laptop that is.

I’m always game for a Lauren Landish book and for whatever reason I’ve read a lot of fake fiancé stories lately.

This was a decent read.  I enjoyed both Poppy and Connor’s characters.  Poppy was too crazy and out there to be believable though.  Connor makes crime look easy, and he looks so good doing it!

Connor’s family is a mess, all of them thinking he’s the bad seed, except his sister who is the one person in his family that I feel truly loved him, wrinkles and all.

This book didn’t blow me away, but I still enjoyed it.  It also had a nice twist that I never saw coming!

I really enjoyed Connor’s friend, Hunter, and I’d love to see him get his own book as well.  Please!?!