ocregister.com: Q & A WITH CHARLAINE HARRIS

Charlaine Harris is pretty much everywhere these days. The author of the Sookie Stackhouse series, which HBO is basing its “True Blood” shows on, is working on her 10th Sookie book (due May 2010) and keeping an eye on the TV show.

I asked her a few things about the latest book out, “Dead and Gone,” and a little bit about the show.

Q . Do you think Eric (the powerful vampire and love interest in the book) has grown because of his relationship with Sookie, who is human?

A. I think parts of Eric have surfaced that he thought were buried for good.

Q. What will it take for Sookie to understand the blood bond? It seems as if she is losing her ability to distinguish between her own feelings, Eric’s feelings and those generated by the blood bond.

A. This is an issue in the next book.

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Squee! More Eric. Woot! I am so excited for the 10th Sookie book. I’ve enjoyed each book in the series so far.

How do you like the Sookie books? Have you read the most recent one? Do you like the HBO series?