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Franklin Mott is waiting for the Vampire King with Tara, when Bill walks in. Right away Tara recognizes Bill, she starts to question him. But he diverts the accusations with asking why she is in the Kings house, with Franklin. Tara begs Bill to help her, but he does nothing but walk away. Then we learn that Franklin Mott has now been assigned by the King to keep watch over Sookie. Eric is brought to the Kings house, he requests permission to look for Bill on the Kings territory. The King inquires why Eric would be searching for Bill, that’s when Eric tries to blame Bill for selling the V. Luckily Bill is there to say otherwise, the King also informs Eric that Bill now works for him and therefore does not lie to the King. Eric takes that news and connects the fact that Sookie is now free from Bill’s possession. The Vampire King forces Eric to confess to selling V for the Queen. But he doesn’t have time to be mad because Eric gives him a heartfelt story on how the magister has taken one of his children and will kill her if he does not get evidence on Bill.  The King believes that the magister has too much power and agrees to help Eric.

Debbie Pelt shows up at Alcide’s house yelling at him and trying to get him to take her back. Sookie is awakened by the yelling and comes out to check and see if everything is okay. When she see’s Debbie she starts to read her mind. All she is getting is a pissy attitude from her mind and from Debbie herself. Alcide tells Sookie to stay back, but she thinks Debbie knows something about Bills disappearance. When Sookie asks Debbie about Bill, her thoughts reveal that she doesn’t even know who Bill Compton is.

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Hmmm this episode wasn’t bad….Wait who am I kidding there isn’t ever a bad episode. Although it was coming close with all that Maryann crap. Haha. Anyways I thought this episode was okay, not too much going on but still exciting. I love Jessica, her telling the customers not to tip Arlene was priceless. I really hope Eric gets to Pam in time. Although I am sure they will not kill off Pam. Heck they better not!! Oh and that flash back of Eric, awesome! I love flash backs.

What did you think of this episode? Do you think Pam will be saved? What about Sookie, will she get away from the King?