Today’s top 5 list features some of the OBS staff’s favorite Harry Potter books. Read on to see why each book is their favorite and see if yours made the list!

Prisoner of Azkaban – Caro

For me in this book things start to change, we get to know more of the past and Sirius appears as a mysterious character which you don’t know if to trust or fear. The characters that we thought had a minor role turn out to be some of the important, like did you know that Crookshanks was a double agent? And, how awesome was the time traveling? Who wouldn’t want to go into Trelawney’s classroom? I would. And that scene in the Shrieking Shack when Snape snaps and Harry blasts him off, never expected Snape to yell like that I must say. It’s just, a revealing book.
Chamber of Secrets – Karolina

Chamber of Secrets was the book that grabbed my attention in the Harry Potter series. Harry’s fascination and almost obsession with Tom Riddle’s diary intrigued me. Yes, it was obvious who Tom Riddle would grow up to be, but I’ve always been fascinated by that grey area that characters reside in-and what can push them over that fine line that separates the good from the truly evil, This book , for me, started to reveal exactly what Harry and his friends are up against – and that he really isn’t alone in his plight.

Deathly Hallows – Dawn

Finally the culmination of the entire series. The characters that are truly evil are finally exposed. The school comes together to fight. Some die, but the themes of friendship and love are prevalent. I was happy to send off my “friends” (because I felt like I knew and loved all of Harry’s group) to live out a happy life once their enemies have been conquered.

Goblet of Fire -Chris

I loved this book for many reasons. Some being, that we are introduced so many other exciting characters and types of wizards. This book opens up the magic world and lets the reader see that Hogwarts isn’t the only place for wizards and witches. Also, I feel this is the beginning of the rest of the series, this is the book where Voldemort rises again and I believe that Harry is finally grown up and realizes what his future holds and that it will not be easy.

Deathly Hallows – Angie

The kids finally realize themselves as adults and begin to see what their entire journey through school was about. They are able to take the bits of knowledge that they’ve leaned and apply them in practical real life situation. They learn that sometimes horrible tragic things happen to the ones we love, but that we can survive anything, even when we think we can’t. I love the theme that although evil may win some battles, love and honor and good eventually conquer. I also loved finding out how the characters lives continued.

Which Harry Potter book is your favorite?