Not all toys are cute and cuddly. In this OBS Tacky Merchandise Edition we cover Horror Toys that are sure to raise some eyebrows and some heartbeats.  As we always say, some of you might find these creepy finds more cute than tacky and that’s okay.

Organic Catnip Toys

Send your cat into a murderous frenzy with these creepy catnip toys. Be sure to give  your poor momma heart failure too when she comes over to visit and sees kitty playing with a meat cleaver.

Anatomical Crochet Heart

As the description states: Show your loved one how you really feel! This unique amigurumi heart has been crocheted with love using red acrylic yarn, stitched with blue yarn veins, and stuffed fill of love! Not intended for children.

Yes, only for adults…to show their  undying love. Great for serial killers, mass murderers and for all you loyal stalkers out that that want to prove their love to the object of your desire.

My Little Pony Edward Scissorhands

Have a child or little sister who loves the macabre? I gather this would be a perfect edition to their horror toy collection.  I can see this in the room of Wednesday Addams, lying neatly on the shelves next to her Meat Cleaver catnip toys.

Zombie Brain In a Jar

Perfect for all those budding mad scientists. Just don’t freak out when you pass your kid’s bedroom and you hear them scream “IT’S ALIVE!”. Top naming suggestion for this item: Abby Normal.

Van Gogh Ear

Another little gruesome trinket for those artsy types that you can give your cat. The Van Gogh Ear catnip toy. I actually like this one.

Centipede Bracelet

Okay, not a toy exactly, but it once was a jelly bug toy. Now it’s wrist wear. This is so tacky it’s beyond belief. It gives me the willies just looking at it. The only person this item is good for is an entomologist. (Shudders)

Twilight Team Jacob Robot Toy

Yes this was sectioned under Horror. Behold the Team Jacob…robot? Some may find this cute. Just a little tacky for our taste.

Robbie the Rabbit Plush Toy

This is NOT Bugs Bunny. More like his brother who ate Elmer Fudd. It’s Robbie the Rabbit. Perfect for Silent Hill fans who like a little blood and gore.

Zombie Astro Boy Figurine

I love horror but this is a little overboard on the gore. It’s hard to look at this makes it tacky.

Euthanasia Bunny

We saved the best for last…the epitome of all horror toys…the Euthanasia Bunny. Can we say issues? It’s like a science project put together by Ed Gein. I’m speechless.

We hope you enjoyed this ghoulish Horror Toys Edition of Tacky Merchandise. Comments are welcome.