OBS SO contributor, Holly, has taken the time to express a few of her views on the Scott vs Meyer plagerism suit that was recently put before the CA state court.

I’m sure most of us have heard of the ridiculous plagiarism claims by Jordan Scott against Stephenie Meyer. But for those who haven’t, here are a few of her claims… both books include an after-wedding-sex scene on a beach, both contain a scene about a woman who is sick because she’s pregnant with a child with evil powers, both feature a scene in which the pregnant wife is dying, both include a scene in which the main character sees their baby for the first time, and both see the main character turn into a vampire. What the heck!! These are all very common themes, especially in the supernatural genre!

Before I start ripping on her claims I feel that it should be pointed out that The Nocturne is about a Sorcerer who falls for a young girl in 15th century France… And this sorcerer has a scar and is also the subject of a prophecy… Hmm, sounds more like Harry Potter to me!

It should also be known that Breaking Dawn was based off of Forever Dawn, which was written 2 years prior to the first chapter of The Nocturne being released online. So how and why is she claiming plagiarism? Let’s say that SM did see a chapter or two of The Nocturne online before she finished writing Forever Dawn. It took Jordan Scott 3 years to finish The Nocturne, and Forever Dawn was finished in 2003…Again, how is it possible that SM plagiarized things that didn’t even exist? Did Stephenie Meyer use her Edward powers and read Jordan Scott’s mind. Or did she pull out her Alice future seeing abilities so she could know what would happen if she took ideas from this yet to be written book. Her claim is so ridiculous that I don’t know whether to laugh or swat her upside the head with her own book! Maybe I’ll do both!

In my attempt to be unbiased I tried to read the book online (I refuse to buy it) to see for myself the “similarities”. I barely got through the first chapter without gouging my eyes out!! I had to stop when the main character starts describing himself as broodingly handsome with a “sensuous voice”…GAG!!! It seriously sounds like he’s putting an add on eharmony! It might as well have been. “Hi my name is Rainier de Aaradyn. I like horseback riding, sorcery and performing CPR on 14 year old girls who fall into wells. I’m looking for a childlike girl who likes my hellfire scar and my willingness to talk about my brooding good looks.” BLECH!!! It’s one thing for another character to describe someone’s good looks but for them to talk about themselves… it’s just makes the character seem very arrogant and weird! Nothing like Edward!!

I did manage to power through the first 5 chapters that she has online. I should get an award for that! Seriously that first chapter is brutal!! Anyways, I honestly didn’t see any similarities other than the forbidden love theme, but that one dates back to Romeo and Juliet… maybe even before! Someone wake Shakespeare from the dead so he can pummel this lady with Yorick’s skull!!

So, she claims that both books have a main characters turning into vampires, but so do a ton of other books! Brahm Stokers Dracula, and Interview With A Vampire come to mind. That’s generally what happens in books about vampires! Especially if the vampire has the hots for the one of the characters.

As far as the sex scene, I’ve read quite a few books where the characters waited until after they got married to seal the deal. Some were on a beach, some were in a cave, and some were in a tent with about 20 other guys within earshot outside. AWKWARD! It’s a common theme! Now what I find interesting, from some research I did, is that the actual dirty deed in The Nocturne took place in a cavern. That’s quite a bit different than the setting for Bella and Edward. Big white bed with Edward or cave with a narcissistic sorcerer??? I’m so torn 😛

Another similarity she notes is that main character sees their baby for the first time, OMG!! What an original idea!! One would logically assume that if a woman becomes pregnant either her or the father would at one time or another see the baby for the first time. And i would even go as far as to wager that 98% of all fictional parents get to see their baby. Even those characters that die usually get a glimpse of their little bambino before they bite the big one. Come on lady!

Oh and in case you didn’t notice, Miss Scott… Renesmee doesn’t have evil powers.

My verdict… She’s doing this for the publicity. She’s already bragging on her Twitter page that her book is sold out. Really when you think about it it’s an assinine move but it’s paying off for her. Her name is everywhere and fans of The Twilight Saga are reading her book to see if her claims are valid. It’s a risky move too because she’s ticking off large numbers of Twilight fans. And lord knows you don’t piss off a twi-hard!!!

*snort*. Holly, I couldn’t have said it better myself. I did purchase the book, The Nocturne, for my Kindel and even at $6, I want my money back. No, strike that; I want the three hours of my life I lost in reading Scott’s book back. It is one of the most poorly written pieces of literature (and I use that term loosely) I’ve ever read. But that is just my personal view– what are your thoughts on the law suit and Jordan Scott’s book? Do you think the suit is simply a publicity stunt to draw Scott and her novel into the spot light? If you could say one thing to Scott, what would it be?