by OBS Staff Member Caro

I recently read an article that caught my attention just by reading the headline (“An open letter to ‘Twilight’ fans about ‘Scott Pilgrim’”). My first thought was, what did we do to Scott Pilgrim? And I say we because I consider myself a Twilight fan, no a Twilighter, and for those who know me know that we do reason and love so many other unrelated things outside our little Forks.

In the article the author asks the Twilight fandom to give Scott Pilgrim a chance and go see it. Well, I don’t need that and I’m sure others don’t need it either because from the first moment I saw the trailer I made up my mind to see it, whether it had Anna or not. Why? Well because other from liking twilight, I LOVE comics which is what Scott pilgrim is. A comic book movie.

I would go to see this movie 1) because of the cast; Michael Cera, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Brandon Routh, Chris Evans, Mae Whitman and Anna, which I saw and liked their work even before twilight and still keep a track on their work, so that means I’m not that lost and do know more that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, 2) the effects, and 3) the story.

I read some of the comments of the article (ones were hilarious) and I have to agree that comics are usually for boys, the movie is directed towards a fanboy category and I’m sure they would go see it if you’d tell them that is has a few BAMs and POWs. If what they want is for Scott Pilgrim to be more popular at the box office than get the fans of the comic interested. I have to tell you that some of my friends (guys) are movie addicts of all genres and I have not heard them mention Scott Pilgrim. Maybe like they mention it has something to do with the marketing or that the supporting characters stand out more that the leading ones or that comic movies haven’t been that good in a while. Only the universe knows.

I’m sure there are more fans out there than Twilight fans. The movie is a combination of comics and video games so go for those, you don’t need us. I hate when someone tries to get twilight involved in everything that they can get their hands on. It’s boring. Right know I’m not choosing sides, teams or genres. But I’d rather see Scott Pilgrim than Vampires Suck, but that is a totally different subject (I’ve got something against those parody movies).  

We can’t make people go see something they don’t like, and pleading won’t work. Trust me and I’m not talking about Twilight.

What do you think about the article.  Do you think that the pleading was unnecessary?  Do you believe that Twilight fans are so narrow-minded that they won’t give other movies a shot if they don’t have vampires, wolves, Robert Pattinson, or Taylor Lautner in them?  Speak out!  We’d love to hear from you! 

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