The year 2010 was certainly filled with several memorable moments from the Twilight Saga books, movies, and cast.  With the year coming to an end, I wanted to revisit some of my favorite moments from the year.

The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner

Stephenie Meyer’s announcment and subsequent release of the Bree Tanner novella was a great treat for fans and gave some great insight into the scenes added to “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse” for what was happening with Victoria’s newborn army in Seattle.  Add to all of that the fact that it netted a $1.5 million donation for the American Red Cross. 

Release date for The Twilight Saga: The Official Illustrated Guide Announced

Fans have been waiting for nearly two years already for the release of The Twilight Saga: The Official Illustrated Guide by Stephenie Meyer.  In October we FINALLY learned that the book will be released on April 12, 2011.  Making this news even jucier was the fact that it promises to contain over 100 color illustrations in addition to the massive encyclopedic reference material straight from Mrs. Meyer herself.

Robert Is Bothered on Jimmy Fallon

I’ve been a fan of Jimmy Fallon’s “Robert Is Bothered” segment since the first installment, but the ultimate version is the one in which Robert Pattinson appears and actually says that he is “bothered.”

Kristen Stewart Throwing a Football on Jimmy Fallon

One of my favorite moments during the press junket for “Eclipse” was when Kristen Stewart showed off her athletic skills on Jimmy Fallon by throwing a football at plates held by Jimmy Fallon…in stilletos and a strapless dress, no less!  Fallon put her up to this after hearing from Taylor Lautner how well Kristen could throw a football.   Sadly, I can’t find the video anywhere on the Internet to share – including Fallon’s own site.  (Grrrrrr!!)

Cast Appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live”

Jimmy Kimmel hosted a prime time special dedicated to “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse” entitled “Total Eclipse of the Heart” right before it’s theatrical release and had most of the cast on the show.  Audience members were treated to a special screening of the movie and were interrupted by a visit from several cast members.

Twilight Cast on “Oprah”

Another great TV moment for the Saga was the appearance of several members of the cast on “Oprah“.  The episode included Rob surprising fans around Chicago, Taylor surprising fans in a sorority house, and Kristen giving a young woman who had overcome obstacles one of the rings worn by Bella Swan on set.    In true Oprah fashion, she dug for gossip and discussed personal issues with the cast members, including Kristen’s shyness.  There was also a great moment when Kristen joked that Rob was pregnant with her baby when trying to deflect questions about their relationship.

Taylor Lautner Catching Grapes in His Mouth

Another great moment during the “Eclipse” press junket was Taylor Lautner showing how he passed the time on set by catching grapes in his mouth while on The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien.  The video of the taped show is nowhere to be found, but I did find a clip of Taylor practicing with Conan before the show. 

The Announcement of Two Installments of “Breaking Dawn”

After much speculation all over the Internet, Summit Entertainment finally announced what everyone expected – there would be two installments of the finale to the Saga with Part 1 opening in November 2011 and Part 2 being released in November 2012.

Two DVDs to Buy in 2010 Plus a New Release

2010 was filled with lots of movie fun throughout the year.  In March fans were able to purchase “The Twilight Saga: New Moon” on DVD to hold them over until the release of “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse” in June.  We were then able to purchase the DVD for the summer blockbuster just in time for Christmas.  Sadly, we have to wait almost 12 whole months for more movie magic.

A Sneak Peek of Feathers

On Thanksgiving, “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn” director Bill Condon teased us with a still image from the honeymoon scene featuring FEATHERS.

Rob & Kristen Audio Commentary

Another treat this year was the Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart audio commentary on the DVD for “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse”.  The duo did one with director Catherine Hardwicke on the first film and was a fan favorite.  No such commentary was a part of the DVD for “The Twilight Saga: New Moon” and left fans (okay, me) disappointed.  In this latest commentary, it’s easy to see that Rob and Kristen are great friends off the set (if nothing else…*wink*). 

These are a few of my favorite Twilight moments from the past year.  I am looking forward to many, many more similar moments in the new year as we celebrate Bella and Edward’s wedding, Bella’s pregnancy and her subsequent “emergency vampirization”.  We’ll finally have our hands on the long-awaited official guide from Stephenie and maybe when filming wraps on “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn” she’ll feel like writing about vampires again soon and can finish Midnight Sun

What were some of your favorite moments from the year?  Join us in the forum and share them with us.  We’d love to hear from you!