Europes biggest Fantasy Convention will be held from 2nd to 4th October in Bonn, Germany – for the 8th time. And OpenBookSociety is there. We will tell you what’s going on here. So – check in – read the news and discuss everything with us at the forum.

You never heard about Ring*Con before? Here a few details. A convention is a meeting of like-minded fans, where they can celebrate their hobby and fandom. All of this in combination with stars from TV and movies, party, fun and joy. The reason for the first Ring*Con (2002) was for ‘Lord of the Rings’ – because of the gigantic success of the first movie based on the opus by J.R.R. Tolkien. The name Ring*Con was chosen for its being an exclusive Convention for ‘Lord of the Rings’ for many years. Later the Ring*Con was extended to a Fantasy Convention.

This year ther will be special guests from – of course – ‘Lord of the Rings’, ‘Born of Hope’, ‘Harry Potter’, voice over-artist, fantasy-, tolkien-, vampire-experts and for the first time actors from ‘Twilight’, too.
Tomorrow night there is also a vampire-ball and a gig with Bobby Long (a good friend of Robert Pattinson whos song ‘Let Me Sign’ is used on the ‘Twilight’ soundtrack).

We hope there will be a lot of new infos, that we can bring to you.
Are you as excited as we are to hear news from Bonn and Ring*Con?