Director: Jeremy Webb
Writer: Howard Overman

This episode begins with Gaius sending Merlin to the library to get a book for him. Putting aside my jealousy of the immense library, the episode this episode is the comedic relief to counter the darker first two episodes of the season. The music is wonderfully light and sets the tone for the episode early on. Anyway, back to Merlin trying to find Gaius’ book in the east wing of the library. It is, of course, on the top most shelf of the library and Merlin climbs up to get the book instead of using his magic. Why, I’m not sure, but a mis-placed foot it is enough for him to find his way into a secret, hidden room behind that shelf of the library.

As he explores the room, he finds what looks to be a magic book, I think and a lockbox, a rather small lockbox that grunts when he kicks it. Still not sure why he opens a box in a secret room, but he does and discovers the goblin.

The Goblin is a high-voiced, little green man who informs Merlin he’s been locked in the box for fifty years. Yes, Merlin this is why you don’t open strange locked boxes in secret rooms people haven’t been in for fifty years. The Goblin starts destroying several jars in the room, making enough of a loud noise that makes Merlin worried that someone will hear him. He tries his best, most stern voice to get the Goblin under control which doesn’t work and then he tries the direct approach by grabbing the Goblin and trying to physically stuff him into the box, but the Goblin escapes by turning himself into a Tinkerbell-ball of light and escapes into the outside; after stopping to drop some of the books on the high shelves onto Merlin’s head, including the book Gaius sent him there for.

Unfortunately tiring of that quickly, Goblin escapes into the main part of the castle and leaves a trail of destruction in his path, it seems because he’s looking for something. His search leads him to a chamber and under a bed, and when Merlin looks under the bed in an attempt to find him, he hears Arthur asking for a good explanation for the state of his chambers. Merlin’s excuse is that he’s spring cleaning, despite it not being spring as Arthur points out. Poor Merlin, he tries his best but Arthur is disbelieving. And when Goblin continues his destruction outside Arthur’s chamber loudly, Merlin insists he go look at the source of the noise trying to distract Arthur. It works, but unfortunately, the Goblin finds his way to Morgana’s chambers and out the window. Gwen finds him there, and sadly we are treated just to one line banter from her.

Gaius and Merlin are pouring over a book and find a drawing of the Goblin in it. Gaius informs him that Goblins are the most mischevious and dangerous of all creatures as they pursue what they value above all else – gold. Their discussion is interrupted by a serious Arthur asking for Gaius to attend his father. They rush to Uther’s chambers, but before they enter, Arthur warns them not to laugh when they enter the chambers, if they value their lives. Upon entering, they discover Uther hiding behind a screen and when there they discover a bald, fuming Uther (though I do have to say Anthony Stewart Head pulls it off very well *G*).

After examining Uther, Gaius is sure that this is the Goblin’s doing and knows it needs to be captured as soon as possible before it does any real damage, while Merlin finally lets loose with the laughter he’s been holding in since he saw the bald Uther. An exasperated Gaius reminds him of what Uther will do to whoever released the Goblin and Merlin’s focus returns rather quickly at that. Gaius’ plan is to build a trap, with gold as the bait. Merlin finds gold in a lockbox under Arthur’s bed while he’s sleeping. Why Arthur keeps that much gold under his bed, I’m not sure, but as Merlin is leaving with the gold, he knocks a tray over to the floor waking Arthur up. He’s instantly alert, drawing his sword, but a quick piece of magic allows Merlin his escape.

The plan begins by Merlin leaving a trail of gold pieces for the Goblin through the castle to the lockbox in a room. There, once the Goblin enters Merlin tries unsuccessfully to grab him only to have him go into Tinkerbell-mode (a small ball of light) very quickly and enter Gaius’ ear.

Yes, Gaius.


From the comedy and bodily functions in this episode, it was pretty clear that this was just a throwaway episode for the season. But, if nothing else it was Merlin and Arthur trusting each other, and believing in each other that cames through clearly. It’s wonderful to see how their relationship has progressed like this.