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True Blood
Season 3 Episode 6
I Got a Right to Sing the Blues

Sookie is dragged into Russell’s home and Russell declares Bill untrustworthy. Bill leaps up, grabs the banister and stakes a guard vamp. He attempts to stake Russell who then throws Bill easily. Russell laughs and says he’s 3000 years old and Bill can’t harm him.

Sookie starts to run to Bill’s side but Eric blocks her way. Bill yells at Eric to get Sookie out of there, but Eric instead brings Sookie directly to Russell and says “I wouldn’t let go of this if I were you. I don’t know what it is, but I do know it is quite valuable.”

Sookie is confused and furious. Bill is in shock. Lorena asks about Bills fate and Russell orders that he is to be taken to the slave quarters and orders Lorena to kill him. Sookie vows to kill Lorena if she kills Bill. Lorena responds “I’d love to see you try. Without that sanctimonious little *** Godric to save you,
I would love to rip you open and wear your rib cage as a hat,” and she leaves.

Arlene is complaining about customers not tipping her (reference from Epi #5) and cuts her finger in her carelessness. Jessica notices and Arlene panics pleading to her “Please don’t kill me – I’m pregnant! That probably makes you want to eat me even more.” She scoots away from Jessica who drops her head to her hands saying she hasn’t eaten all day.

Jason and Crystal are enjoying a late night heavy petting session at the pond. As the action begins to heat up and they are becoming more and physical Jason says “Don’t hurt me. Or do. I don’t care.” This upsets Crystal who tells Jason that she isn’t into any “pervert stuff.” Jason back peddles and saves himself by saying “I meant don’t break my heart.” Crystal cries and Jason comforts her. Crystal abruptly looks up as she catches a scent and bolts, leaving Jason standing there alone very confused… (which is pretty common for Jason)

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