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True Blood Season 3
Episode 11
Fresh Blood

Bill shows up at Fangtasia to rescue Sookie. Pam confronts him and tells him Sookie isn’t there. She tells him that she was there earlier. Bill threatens Pam who then sprays Bill in the face with a liquid silver spray incapacitating him.

Yvetta comes down to the dungeon and releases Sookie. Back upstairs Bill and Pam are fighting, Neither seems to have the upper hand until Pam is able to get her spray back out. She is spraying Bill in the face again when Sookie wraps a silver chain around Pam’s neck and pulls her off of Bill. Yvetta has Pam wrapped up around the pole and Sookie asks why Eric locked her up. Pam tells her that she was supposed to be a gift for Russell but now they’re all going to die. Sookie takes a blind Bill out while Yvetta continues to hold Pam.

Jesus is really excited about the V trip that he and Lafayette and took. He is begging Lafayette to d it again with him. Lafayette is trying to explain that V is unpredictable and that he may not have the same experience a second time. Suddenly Lafayette sees Jesus wearing a ritual mask with horns and freaks out. Jesus tries to calm him but he’s too upset. He tells Lafayette that it was just a little “aftershock” from the V. He asks Jesus to go home telling him that he just needs some rest and he’ll call him later. Jesus doesn’t want to leave, but he does.

Jason is trying to wrap his head around Crystal’s admission that she’s a werepanther. Jason clearly is having problems accepting it and Crystal is upset that Jason isn’t as understanding as she thought he’d be. She tells him that if she stays with her family she’ll have to marry her half-brother and breed with him. Jason looks at her for a moment and says “I have to go find Sookie.” He grabs the shotgun and leaves with Crystal calling after him from the porch.

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