Title: The Nightmare Begins
Written by: Ben Vanstone
Directed by:Jeremy Webb

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There is a thunderstorm brewing in Camelot, and Morgana sleeps restlessly in her chambers, troubled by nightmares. Her eyes flicker open a bit in her distress, and a sliver of gold can be seen. The candle lights by itself. Gwen enters with extra blankets for Morgana, and sees that she is asleep, and , puzzled, blows out the lit candle and places it on a table, far from the bed, near the window and leaves. Morgana starts tossing and turning again, and again, the candle lights. She wakes, sitting up in the bed and stares at the lit candle. Her eyes glow gold, and the flame grows, igniting the curtains of the window. Morgana screams, blowing the glass of the window outwards into the courtyard.

The next day; Uther, Arthur, Gwen and Merlin are surveying Morgana’s chambers. Gwen swears that she extinguished the candle and Arthur defends her to his father. Arthur suggests that lightning could have caused the candle to reignite, while Uther seems to be convinced that it was a murder attempt on Morgana, using magic. Uther orders Arthur to arrest everyone who is suspected of being associated with magic or magic users, despite Arthur’s protestations. Meanwhile Merlin is doing some chores, and he overhears Morgana and Gaius talking. Morgana is distressed, and confesses to Gaius that it was her that set the curtains alight, using magic. Gaius dismisses this claim, stating that he will make her a stronger potion to sleep, despite Morgana becoming increasingly upset about being ignored. Merlin later confronts Gaius about Morgana’s ‘confession’ , challenging him on why he was making Morgana deny the fact that she had magic, and stating that he could help her. Gaius forbids Merlin to talk to Morgana – but Merlin stubbornly states that he must, and that Morgana is alone- and that maybe the druids could help her. Gaius, although sympathetic, warns Merlin not to get involved.

Merlin decides to go and visit Morgana, with a bunch of flowers, which he hides from Arthur, who he meets in the hallway, and Arthur orders him to clean his chainmail. Gwen answers Morgana’s chamberdoor, and smiles sadly when Merlin asks if there is anything he can do to help Morgana. Gwen takes the flowers form Merlin, and tells he she will tell Morgana who they are from. That night, after send a worried Gwen to her own bed, Morgana lays down to sleep, but again, in her distress, she blows up the vase which holds Merlin’s flowers using magic. Morgana goes to Gaius’ chambers that morning, only finding Merlin. He implores her to trust him, and she tells him of her dream and the fact that she believes she has magic. Merlin neither confirms or denies the possibility.

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Mordred played by Asa Butterfield
Aglain played by Colin Salmon

I don’t know how to feel about Morgana and her magic. On one end I’m happy she has it, because she’s supposed to be a powerful witch – on the other, it frustrates me that the Druids make a big deal over her, yet when Merlin shows up, they have no idea who he is (except for Mordred, of course). I understand the need for Merlin to be overlooked, especially with Arthur having no idea of his magic (presumably), but still.

Also – oh my god, Mordred! I love the fact that whenever I see him, I can’t help but think “Creepy little child!” Well done, Asa Butterfield! And, Merlin’s look of “oh, I should have KILLED HIM when I had the chance!” was brilliant.

Arthur’s slight frustration at Uther’s magic stubbornness subtlety shone through, in this ep, and I loved his slight teasing of Merlin and the speech about Merlin/Morgana – Arthur/Gwen. Also, the sad little look Merlin gives Arthur after he tells Merlin he can’t hide anything from him was fun but kinda heartbreaking.

OOh. And, I did kind of love that Merlin was able to evade Arthur and his knights – but WHY DID HE LEAVE A TRAIL???

What do you think of Morgana and Magic? What do youthink of Merlin’s choices in this episode?

eta: Next week, I’m really excited to announce that I’m going to have a Merlin Buddy, shiny new OBS Staff Member; Vera (Verushka), tag teaming with me on these recaps!! YAY!