Vampire Diaries Season 2 Episode 9 “Katerina”–Original Airdate: November 11, 2010

By OBS staff member Annabell Cadiz

Bulgaria, 1490

A woman is giving birth. Another woman is helping her in her delivery. The woman turns out to be Katerina. She asks to hold the child but her father commands the mother to not let her. He takes the new baby girl. Katerina begs for him to let her hold her daughter at least once but her father refuses, saying she has disgraced their family. She starts crying and pleading for her daughter. Katerina’s mother takes her daughter in her arms, attempting to console her and tell Katerina she must let her daughter go.

Back in the present:

Elena goes to Stefan and Damon’s house. Damon opens the door with that mischievous grin of his (I can’t seriously be the ONLY woman would like to kiss him, right?! Darn that beautiful face!). Elena asks if Stefan is home, Stefan had called her and said it was important. Damon moves to the side so she can walk into the house. Elena asks Stefan what’s up. Stefan just turns to the side, revealing Rose, much to Elena’s surprise. They head into the living room. Rose explains that the annoying thing about vampire legends is its hard to tell which are true and which aren’t. But she does know for a fact that Claus is real. Elena wants to know who he is. Damon answers Claus is one of the Originals, a legend. Stefan adds Claus is from the first generation of vampires. Elena asks if he means like Elijah. Rose: “Ugh! No, he’s an Easter bunny compared to Claus. Elijah is a foot soldier. Claus is the real deal.” Stefan explains Claus is known to be oldest.

Elena: “So you’re saying the oldest vampire in the history of time is after me?”

Stefan: “No.”

Rose: “Yes.”

Damon: “What they’re saying is, I mean what she’s saying is true.

Rose injects: “Which it is.”

Damon: “And you’re not just saying this so we won’t kill you.”

Rose: “Which I’m not.”

Damon: “Then we’re looking at a solid maybe.”

(Great odds, huh) Stefan adds she’s fine because Elijah is dead and no one else knows about her. Rose injects saying that they know of. Damon makes a smart comment: “That’s not helping” toward Rose’s direction. Stefan isn’t so sure Claus isn’t some made up bedtime story. He’s never met him and doesn’t know anyone who has. Rose determinedly wants them to understand that Claus is real and when he wants something he gets it. If you’re not afraid of Claus then you’re an idiot. Elena gets up to leave and Stefan asks where she’s going. Elena responds she’s going to school, she’s late. Stefan tells her to hold on, he’ll grab his stuff and go with her, but Elena just tells him she knows where the school and walks out. Damon makes the comment Elena is denial to Rose. Stefan tells him to shut up.

Bonnie is walking to class and drops her books. Jeremy comes running up behind her, laughing at her. He helps her pick up her books. Bonnie asks him where Elena is. Jeremy said Elena told him she’d be running a little late. Jeremy asks Bonnie what she’s doing later, they can head to the Grill and play pool. Bonnie asks him why, he’s never asked her to hang out before, why now. Jeremy says he just thought it would be fun but never mind. Bonnie says no, she’ll go. Jeremy laughs. Bonnie explains she’s just really bad at pool. Jeremy laughs again. A dude walks over to them asking where the front office is. Jeremy explains where to find the front office and asks the guy if he’s new at the school. The new dude says yes and tells him his name is Luca. Jeremy introduces himself and Bonnie. Bonnie doesn’t say a word, she just stares at Luca all dreamily (No offense to this Luca kid but how could you POSSIBLY take your eyes off of Jeremy’s beautiful face! If Bonnie doesn’t want him I’ll have him!) Jeremy tells Luca he’ll help him find the front office since it can be pretty crazy navigating around the school.

Elena is walking through the woods with a leather brown suitcase with Caroline at her side. She’s instructing Caroline to tell anyone who asks about her that she left school early and went home because she wasn’t feeling well. Caroline can’t believe she agreed to help her, she admits she’s a terrible lair. Elena tells her to just keep Stefan busy then he can’t know what she’s up to. Caroline doesn’t think it will work, she knows Stefan is going to see right through her. Elena asks as her friend does she promise to keep her secret. Caroline agrees. She asks why doesn’t Elena want Stefan to know. Elena knows Stefan would never be okay with what she’s about to do. Elena walks down into the tomb where Katherine is locked up, Caroline right behind her. Caroline questions Elena to make sure she really wants to go through with seeing Katherine. Elena tells her yes because Katherine is the only one who knows the truth about Claus and the only one who can tell her how to stop Claus. Caroline reminds Elena she’s asking the truth from someone who’s probably never spoken the truth. Elena knows but she can’t just back and wait. Caroline moves aside the door to Katherine’s tomb. Caroline moves back. Elena yells out Katherine’s name but Katherine doesn’t respond. Elena turns her head back and tells Caroline she’ll be okay. Caroline gives her a skeptical look. Katherine shuffles out of the darkness. Her hair is a mess, she looks ash white pale, and has bags under her eyes. She looks at Elena and says hello, her voice sounding like sandpaper.

Katherine asks why Elena came to watch her wither away. She looks at Caroline and tells her goodbye (rudely). Elena reminds Caroline as long as stays on the other side of the door Katherine can’t hurt her. Caroline walks out of the underground tombs. Elena walks a little closer to Katherine’s tomb and places the leather brown suitcase on top of some rocks. Katherine asks does Stefan know she’s there. Elena tells Katherine she brought her some things. Katherine retorts she came to bribe her, what is it she wants. Elena tells her she wants to know more about Claus. Katherine looks slightly impressed. Elena takes out the big leather bound journal of Katherine’s family’s history. Elena points out in the journal it says the family line ended with Katherine but obviously that can’t be true. Katherine gets annoyed and tells Elena does she think by bringing some family keepsakes that would get her to open up. Elena puts the journal down and tells Katherine she also brought her another gift, she then holds up a bottle of blood. Katherine reacts instantly, attempting to run to Elena but the spell around the tomb keeps her locked away. Katherine sinks down to the ground and Elena pours some of the blood into a small cup. She slides the cup over to Katherine using a stick. Katherine drinks greedily. Elena asks if she wants more blood. Katherine puts the plastic cup on the ground and Elena scoots it over to herself and pours more blood into it as Katherine begins to tell her about Claus.

“It’s a long story, Claus and I. It goes all the way back to England, 1492 after I left Bulgaria . . . Well, I was thrown out.” (She drinks more blood) Elena asks what happened. Katherine continues: “My family, your true ancestors, they disowned me. My indiscretions were not tolerated at that time. I had a baby out of wedlock, the shame.” (Here she’s just mocking her ancestors, sarcastic tone of voice) Elena asks if her giving birth was kept a secret. Katherine: “My baby was given away. I was banished to England and I had to learn to adjust so I quickly became English (her voice changing to a British accent). It was there that I caught the eye of a nobleman named Claus. I was taken with him at first until I found out what he was and what he wanted from me and then I ran like hell.”

The scene switches back in time. Katherine running through the woods, frantically. She trips and crawls over to hide behind a tree. Three men who are vampires are in the woods, they know she is somewhere near. One of the man is Elijah but he has longer hair, its curly and dark brown. He yells Katerina’s name, telling her he knows she is there, he can smell her blood. He tells her it’s pointless to run, Claus will find her wherever she is. Trevor shows up and points Elijah in a different direction telling him there’s more blood in that direction. Elijah leaves with the others. Katerina gets up to run but Trevor shows up. He places a hand over Katerina’s mouth and looks around. He tells her to head East, he can’t hold them at bay much longer. Katerina is tired, she can’t run much longer. Trevor tells her there’s a cottage, she will be safe there and tells her to go. Katerina runs.

Back to present day: Elena asks Katherine what did Claus want. Katherine: “The same thing that he’ll want from you. He wants to break the curse.” Elena adds by sacrificing the Petrova doppelganger. Katherine: “He wanted to drain every single drop of blood from my body.” Elena looks at her horrified.

Rose is crying. Damon interrupts and tells her he needs some answers. Rose gets up and wipes her eyes. Damon can’t believe she’s crying over her buddy Trevor who lost his head. Rose asks as he always been so sensitive. Damon tells her that’s what the whole vampire switch if for, it takes care of the whole emotional thing Rose says she’ll trade with him. Damon wants to know if that’s some kind of dig at him. Rose says its just an observation. Must be hard for him to be in love with his brother’s girlfriend. Damon scoffs and says he’s not in love with anyone. Rose asks if he wants to try that again. Damon moves right to her face and tells Rose not to get on his bad side. Rose tells him then he can show her his good side. He asks Rose how does he find Claus. Rose explains one doesn’t find Claus, he finds you. Damon doesn’t buy it, someone must know someone who knows where Claus is. Rose tells him he can add another two hundred somebody’s to the list and he still won’t even be close. Damon wants to know how Rose got in touch with Elijah. Rose explains through a very low somebody on the totem pole. Damon just gives her a pointed look. Rose tells him a guy named Slater in Richmond is how she was able to get in touch with Elijah. Damon says perfect, he’ll drive. Rose reminds him not all vampires can walk in the sun like he can. Damon tells her then fine she can drive and starts walking out of the room, telling Rose to follow.

Caroline is running out of school, chasing after Stefan. She tells him she needs to talk to him and asks him where he’s going. Stefan explains he’s going to Elena’s house, he wants to check up on her since she went home sick. Caroline at first tells Stefan to ditch her but Stefan says he’s worried about her so Caroline decides to try to play the guilt slash I’m an idiot card by telling Stefan to forget it he should just go check on Elena, she’ll talk to him later (insert sad face here). Stefan wants to know what she wants to talk about. Caroline tells him she might have done something. Stefan asks what does she mean. Caroline tells him she told Tyler she’s a vampire. Stefan looks at her disappointed and serious.

Elena is sliding another cup full of yummy (my own sarcasm) blood to Katherine. Elena is asking Katherine what the Petrova bloodline has to do with Claus. Katherine picks up the cup of blood: “It’s really tedious but (she drinks the blood) the curse was bound by Petrova blood. Witches are crafty with their spells. The doppelganger was created as a way to be able to undue the spell. Once the doppelganger reappears, the curse can be broken.” Elena: “So you ran before he killed you?” Katherine: “Something like that.”

Another trip down memory lane:

The scene switches back to Katherine or Katerina in the 1492 running through the woods. It’s daylight now and she finally managed to find the cottage. She bangs on the door, asking for someone to help her. The door is open by a much older woman. Katerina begs her for help. The older woman refuses, saying she doesn’t invite strangers into her home. She moves to close the door but Katerina tells her Trevor sent her, he said she would help him. Another voice from the behind the woman emerges: “Damn him, always making promises I don’t want to keep,” and the older woman opens the door wider to reveal Rose. She has shoulder length light brown hair, flowing freely, she looks a little younger. She commands the older woman to let Katerina in. Rose leans toward the older woman as Katerina sits down and compels the older woman telling her to bring Katerina water and something to eat. Katerina looks up at Rose and show her the moonstone, Trevor said it was the only way she could prove who she was to Rose and Rose would help her find freedom. Rose looks scared now. She can’t believe Katerina stole the moonstone from Claus. Katerina explains it was to be apart of the sacrifice ritual so she grabbed it and made her escape. Rose explains no one escapes from Claus, anyone who tries winds up back in his grasp and anyone who helps winds up dead. Katerina tells her she knows the risk she brings upon herself for giving him aide. Rose tells her she is risking nothing, at nightfall she will take Katerina back to Claus and beg him to show them both mercy. She grabs Katerina and throws her into the bedroom, locking the door.

Return to the present day:

Damon and Rose have drive into a parking garage. They get out of the car and Damon asks Rose how does she even know Slater is really there. Rose explains she called him and Slater is always there. Damon pins Rose to a wall and tells her (with a smile on his face and happy voice–scary! But somehow still sexy): “If you’re setting me up in any way I will rip your heart out and shove it down your throat. Something I’m very good at.” Rose quickly twist Damon’s arm and pins him up against the car: “I’m older than you and stronger. Don’t get on my bad side.” She let’s Damon go and tells him he can trust her. She walks off, Damon follows. They enter a café through the back entrance. Damon points out the sunlight streaming into the café. Rose explains its tempered glass, UV rays can’t penetrate. Slater walks over to them and Rose hugs him. Slater asks her what she’s doing there. Rose says it’s a long story and tells him she wants him to meet Damon. Slater already knows who he is, he was turned in 1863 by Katherine a.k.a Katerina Petrova. Damon looks at him like he’s a nut job. Slater shakes Damon’s hand and asks Rose what’s going on, where’s Trevor. Rose just looks sadly at Slater.

Elena is still talking to Katherine. “Rose never ended up taking you back to Claus, did she?” Katherine: “No but not because she had a change of heart.”

And down the rabbit hole we go again (Back to 1492)

Rose walks into the bedroom with a rope in her hand. She tells Katerina it’s time to go. She sees Katerina has a huge open wound in her side, blood enveloping her dress. Rose asks how she got it. Katerina tells her she got it in the woods, she had tripped. Rose says that’s a lie, she would have smelled it. Katerina begs her to just let her die, she rather die than go back to Claus. Rose can’t let her die, if she dies than Claus will kill Trevor. She slices open her wrist with her teeth and forces Katerina to drink her blood.

Trevor barges into the house demanding to know where she is. Rose knocks him into the wall, furious, telling Trevor she has set them up on the path of death, she only hopes Claus will see the honor in returning Katerina to him. While she yelling at Trevor, Katerina grabs the rope. Trevor points out Claus will sacrifice Katerina. Rose snaps at him telling him then so be it! Trevor confesses he loves Katerina. Rose looks at him in shock and tells Trevor Claus will kill him. He will not stop until he has all of their heads. Trevor shrugs and says then they’ll have to run until they die. They hear a noise from the bedroom and run in. Katerina has hung herself from the ceiling using the rope Rose had brought in earlier.

Elena can’t believe Katerina hung herself. Katherine explains that Claus needed a human doppelganger, as a vampire she was no longer any use to him. But Elena points out that her plan didn’t work, she’s been running from Claus ever since. Katherine just rolls her eyes, annoyed. Katherine explains she underestimated Claus thirst for revenge. But it’s better have to live out of a suitcase than dying and having your blood poured over some silly little rock. Katherine notices Elena’s uncomfortable, she starts taunting her: Katherine: “What’s wrong? Afraid I’m right? You don’t want to die? There’s another way out (Katherine cuts her skin open at her wrist with her fingernail). Elena looks at her confused. Katherine tells her her opportunity is going, going, gone (the wound closes up). Elena looks annoyed and scared. Katherine explains she made the other choice.

Onto yet another trip into the past:

Katerina wakes up, coughing. Trevor asks her what did she do, he would have helped her live. Katerina tells him he would have helped her run and that was never going to be enough. Trevor tells her would have been enough for him. Rose walks in disgusted and informs Trevor Katerina was only using him to turn her and Claus will see their roll in her transformation. Katerina says that for that she is sorry. Rose said she is as well and runs to stick a stake through Katerina’s heart. Katerina grabs the servant and the stake goes through her. Katerina bites into the servant’s neck and drinks her blood. Rose tells her she has signed their death sentence. Katerina tells them better they die than her. She runs out of the house, throwing the servant at Trevor.

Back to present time:

Elena informs Katherine that Rose and Trevor have spent the last five hundred years running because she used them. Trevor had just gotten killed. Katherine makes the comment she hadn’t expected him to last so long in the first place. Elena can’t believe she doesn’t ever care that she ruined their lives. Katherine: “I was looking out for myself, Elena. I will always look out for myself. If you’re smart, you’ll do the same.”

Caroline is at the Grill wit Stefan. She’s eating and apologizes to Stefan for dragging him to the Grill but if she doesn’t eat she starts to get the “killing urges.” She tells Stefan Tyler has the same kind of urges. Stefan asks what else did she say to him. Caroline tells him she didn’t tell Tyler much, she kept the questions to a minimum. And asks Stefan if he’s mad. Stefan says yes, in fact, he is a little mad. She put herself at risk and if Damon found out he would kill her. Caroline asks him if he’s gonna tell Damon, Stefan agrees he won’t. Caroline smiles, Stefan’s always looking out for her. Stefan points out not that she makes it easy for him to watch out for her. Caroline asks why he’s such a good friend to her. Stefan says Caroline reminds him of someone, his best friend, Lexi. Caroline is shocked he has a friend. Stefan laughs. Caroline asks him to tell her about Lexi. Stefan says he will another day, he has to go. Stefan gets up to leave but Caroline asks him what she’s supposed to do about Tyler. She doesn’t want Damon to kill him and there’s a full moon coming up and he’s really freaked out. Stefan sits back down.

Bonnie walks into the Grill looking for Jeremy. Luca spots her and says hello. Bonnie asks how his first day of school went. Luca answers his day went great and introduces Bonnie to her father (There’s something really creepy about Luca’s dad! Can just tell he’s gonna be some kind of trouble! Luca not so sure about yet . . . Hmm . . . ). Luca’s father introduces himself as Dr. Jonas Martin. He invites Bonnie to join them for lunch. Bonnie declines saying she’s meeting a friend but realizes Jeremy has shown up yet so she agrees to join Luca and his father until Jeremy shows up. Luca scoots over and Bonnie sits next to him. Bonnie asks where they had moved from. Dr. Jonas answers they moved from Louisiana. Bonnie is surprised. She looks at Luca and tells him it’s not so bad in Mystic Falls. Luca smiles slyly at her and tells her things are starting to look better. Luca’s father mentions Bonnie’s last name. He tells her he knew some people with the last name Bennett when he did his residency back in Massachusetts. He asks Bonnie if she has any family who were from Salem. Bonnie suddenly grows suspicious but tries to hide it, she smiles and tells him she does have family who were from Salem. Luca’s father comments it’s a small world and smiles that kind of smile where you know he knows something but he doesn’t want any one else to know (Did that make sense to anyone else lol). Bonnie keeps a strained smile on her face when she notices Jeremy walks in and slides out of the booth. Dr. Martin stands and shakes her hand, saying it was nice to meet her. Bonnie puts her hand on Luca’s shoulder to try to get a reading and smiles down at him. She tells him she’ll see him at school and walks away with Jeremy. Jeremy apologizes for being late and asks Bonnie if she’s okay. Bonnie tells him she’s fine and glances back at Luca and his father.

Damon and Rose are still at the café talking with Slater. Slater asks Damon if he’s sure Elijah is dead. Damon tells him Elijah is beyond dead. Slater tells Damon Trevor was a good man, he helped him with one of his college papers. Rose explains Slater has been in college since he was turned. Slater proudly tells Damon he has eighteen degrees, three Masters and four Phd’s. Damon wants to know what was the point of him getting so many degrees. Slater wants to know what else he’s supposed to do with his time when he lives for eternity. Rose gets them off the subject and asks Slater if someone wanted to get in touch with Claus how would he be able to send the message. Slater tells them through Cragslist. He responds to a personal ad that gets to somebody who knows somebody who knows Elijah who’s dead and that’s where his connection ends.

A man is outside playing a guitar, hoping to collect some money. Another man (at this point viewers can’t see his face yet) walks over, he’s dressed in a black suit. He takes out his wallet and drops a hundred dollar bill into the guitar player’s open case (Someone get me the address of THAT corner and the name of the donor please!) He kneels down and grabs a handful of quarters from the guitar player’s case and stands up. The camera scans upward until viewers get to finally see the mysterious man’s face: it’s Elijah!! (Forget the address of that corner! Someone should worn the guitar player he should RUN and QUICKLY!)

Bonnie and Jeremy are playing pool. Jeremy is teasing Bonnie because she pretty much sucks at pool, she can’t even hit the ball. Jeremy leans down to make a play and Bonnie starts teasing him, colliding into him playfully. Jeremy starts laughing. Luca walks over and interrupts saying he gets to play the winner. Jeremy is fine with that. Bonnie grows on edge, she doesn’t really want him there. Bonnie asks Luca where his father is. Luca tells her his father is back at home. Bonnie plants a fake smile on her face.

Caroline is still eating. Stefan tells her he’s leaving but Caroline tells him to wait. Stefan tells her she has to seconds to come clean. He would fall for the innocent act a little bit better if he didn’t know how good she was over providing a distraction on demand. He asks her where Elena is. Caroline responds she can’t tell him. Stefan is offended, he can’t believe she won’t tell him. Caroline apologizes but she can’t tell him. Stefan pleads with her, Elena was kidnapped and she could have been killed and she seriously isn’t going to tell him where she is. Now Caroline is the one offended, she would have never let Elena put herself in danger. She would never have left if she thought she was in danger. Stefan wants to know where Elena would be if Caroline would think she could have the possibility of being in danger. Stefan thinks Elena is with Damon. Caroline is disgusted, she tells him no way! Stefan asks then where is Elena. If Caroline is his friend, like she’s been pretending to be all day, then she’ll tell him where Elena is. Caroline tells him she is his friend but she’s also Elena’s friend and she can’t tell him where Elena is. Stefan is disappointed and kind of mad, he gets up and leaves.

Elena is still with Katherine. She asks Katherine how much of her story is actually true. Katherine tells her she has no reason to lie. Elena figures her story has to be at least partially true and thinks Katherine wanted to hand her to Claus herself. Katherine thought maybe after five hundred years Claus would be willing to strike up a deal. Elena asks Katherine if she got Mason Lockwood to find her the moonstone. Katherine confirms that’s true. Elena asks Katherine what else is needed to break the curse. Katherine just taunts her by saying: Ooo look who’s getting smarter.” Elena keeps talking anyway and knows there’s something else that’s needed to break the curse or else Katherine wouldn’t need Tyler to turn into a werewolf. Katherine gives her a hint: “Witches and their spells. So many ingredients. So many people to sacrifice.” Elena asks her if a werewolf is needed to sacrifice. Katherine tells her yes. Elena asks what else is needed to break the curse. Katherine tells her a witch to do the spell and a vampire. Elena says Caroline’s name. Katherine tells her any vampire would have done but she liked “the poetry of Caroline.” Elena is angry and disgusted. She can’t believe Katherine was just going to hand them all over to be killed. Katherine tells her the same thing she had told Rose and Trevor when she abandoned them: “Be you die than I.” Katherine moves back further into the tomb.

Damon wants to know what Claus would want to lift the curse of the sun and the moon when he saw that Elijah can walk around in the day so that means all the Originals can as well. Slater explains Claus wants to lift the curse to keep the werewolves from lifting it. If the vampires break the sun curse then the werewolves are stuck with the curse of the moon forever and vice versa. Rose points out that werewolves are practically extinct. Slater agrees with her, he’s never seen one but rumor has it. Damon interrupts and lets him know it’s not such a rumor. Slater gives a tiny, excited smile, and asks him if they exist in Mystic Falls. Damon nods. Slater gets even more excited and wants to go visit Mystic Falls. (Slater is such a cute geek!) The scene switches over to Elijah who is standing outside the café, moving the handful of quarters from one to the other methodically. Through his ears we hear Damon asking Slater if there’s any way to stop the curse from being broken at all. Slater asks what does he mean. Damon asks can they somehow render the moonstone useless and stop the curse from being broken. Slater tells him probably but why would he want to do something like that. Damon smiles mischievously and ignores Slater’s previous question and commands Slater to tell him how. The scene moves back to Elijah. Through Elijah’s ears we hear Slater refuses to tell Damon how, he doesn’t want to piss off an original who can walk in the sun. Elijah steps off the sidewalk from across the street and gets closer to the café. Damon tells Slater he can help him with the whole being able to walk in the sun problem if Slater helps him. Elijah swings his arm back a bit and tosses three quarters into the glass window, breaking it completely apart. People starts screaming. Rose and Slater fall to the ground withering in agony as the sun burns through their skin. Elijah watches from across the street for a split minute. When Damon looks up to see who has attacked them Elijah is already gone.

Damon puts a jacket around Rose to cover her from the sun and helps her stand up. They storming out with the crowd to the back entrance but Rose is too much pain to remain standing on her own, Damon picks her up in his arms (I know she’s in agony and all but seriously, she’s SO lucky!) and carries her to the car. He puts her in the backseat and tells her she’s going to be fine. Rose says she knows. Damon asks who was behind the attack. Rose is more concerned what happened to Slater. Damon doesn’t know. Rose starts defending Slater, telling Damon Slater isn’t behind the attack. Damon asks then who is. Rose starts to cry and tells him it’s Claus, who else could it be. She starts crying harder and tells Damon he doesn’t know Claus the way she does, they’re all going to die. He pushes Rose back further into the car and closes the door.

Bonnie is sitting at the bar drinking a soda and watching Jeremy play pool. Jeremy looks over at her and smiles. Bonnie giggles. Luca walks over to her table. Bonnie grows more serious and on edge again. Luca apologizes for his father earlier, telling Bonnie his father isn’t very subtle, having brought up the whole Bennett Salem question. Luca tells Bonnie her father picked up on her being a witch (Bonnie sits up straighter) but Luca explains his father didn’t mean any harm. Bonnie tells him she felt something too. Luca says he knows that’s why he is having this discussion with her. Luca explains his father doesn’t like anyone to know about him but they figured if they didn’t tell Bonnie the truth she would find out anyway. Luca pours salt onto the table. He looks around to make sure no one else is looking in their direction and places his hand over the salt. He lifts up his hand and the salt starts floating in the air. Luca explains his father just wants them to finally be able to fit in somewhere, it’s been tough for them, been tough being different. Bonnie asks Luca if he’s a witch. Luca smirks and says they prefer the term warlock.

Elena is still with Katherine. But she’s pacing in front of Katherine’s tomb. Katherine hasn’t come back out. Elena grabs her stuff to leave when Stefan storms in. Elena asks what is he doing there. Stefan can ask her the same thing. Elena makes the comment Caroline told him but Stefan tells her no, but it wasn’t long before he figured it out. He wants to know what was so important she’d had to keep it from him. Elena knows he would have stopped her. Stefan tells her to listen to him anything Katherine told her was a lie, she can’t listen to Katherine. Elena asks him what if what Katherine said isn’t a lie, Stefan didn’t hear what she said. Stefan promises he won’t let anything happen to Elena. Elena tells him that’s the problem, he won’t let anything happen to her, he’ll die trying to protect her but how is that any better. Katherine walks back out of the tomb to the entrance. She tells Stefan there is nothing he can do. She tells them she hasn’t even told them the best part of the story.

Once again Katherine takes us on a trip down memory lane:

Back in Bulgaria, 1492. Katerina is riding on a horse. She stops in front of another cottage. She dismounts her horse and finds servants lying dead on the ground. The belongings are destroyed all around the yard. Katerina runs into the house. She finds her father hanging from a wall with a sword in his chest. Her mother dead on the bed, throat slashed, blood covering the sheets. Her sister is dead on the floor, throat slashed as well. She jumps onto the bed, tears springing to her eyes, calling out for her mother. She lays her head against her mother’s arm, weeping.

Back to the present:

Claus killed her entire family just to get back at her for running. Katherine: “Whatever you do to escape Claus, he will get his vengeance. On your friends, your family, and on anyone you’ve ever loved.” Stefan grabs Elena’s shoulders and turns her to look at him. He tells her not to listen to Katherine. Katherine: “Always the protector. But even you must realize that she’s doomed. There’s nothing that you can do to stop it. Unless you have this.” Katherine holds up the moonstone. Stefan accuses her of spinning the story so they would have to get the moonstone from Katherine. Katherine says she didn’t spin any story, what she said was the truth. Stefan doesn’t believe her, he thinks she wants to trade the moonstone for her freedom. Stefan: “You manipulative, psychotic b****.” Katherine scoffs at him. Katherine: “My freedom? I don’t want my freedom, Stefan. When Claus shows up to kill us, and he will, I’ll be in the tomb where no vampire will enter because they’ll never get out. I’m the safest psychotic b**** in town.” Katherine turns and walks deeper into the tomb.

Damon is staring at the flames in the fire place. Rose walks in (in a rather revealing nightie I must add!) and apologizes for what happened earlier, she had no idea something like would happen. Damon tells her he believes her. Rose knows he wants to save Elena. Damon promises he will. Rose smiles and tells Damon he reminds her of Trevor. Damon gives her a face like that’s the stupidest thing he’s ever heard and asks her why him. Rose tells him Trevor was always talking a big game, always working an angle but underneath it all he was the best friend anyone could ever ask for. Damon makes the comment of where did that get him. Rose replies dead. She is now standing in front of him and Damon looks up at her. Damon pours some of his alcohol into the glass she has in her hand. He makes a toast to friendship and drinks. Rose tells Damon he’s right to fight for his feelings for Elena. Damon asks her why. Rose walks back over to the couch and tells him because if you’re to survive you can’t care about anyone, better to just turn the switch off. Damon looks over his shoulder at her and tells her he’ll turn his emotional switch off if she does. Rose sets her glass down and looks at Damon seductively. Damon moves over to her in vampire speed and they start heatedly making out.

Jeremy’s is still playing pool. He looks over at Bonnie and she’s still talking to Luca. He just grabs his stuff, smiles slightly, and heads out.

Stefan walks Elena to her front door. He wants to talk to Elena about everything but Elena just tries to open the front door, she can’t talk about it. Stefan begs her not to shut him out. Elena turns to face him, she’s crying. She wanted the truth and she got it. But she’s not the only one who’s affected. Tyler, Jeremy, Caroline, Bonnie–they’ll all in danger and she blames herself. Stefan wraps his arms around her, stroking her hair trying to soothe her.

Katherine is sitting, looking through the book that tells her family’s history. She finds a drawing of her mother, sister, and father. She runs her fingers over it, tears forming in her eyes.

Rose and Damon are laying on the floor, against the couch. Rose tells Damon it’s lie, there’s no switch you can really turn off. When you’re a newbie it’s easier but after a couple of hundred years, you have to start pretending not to feel. Rose’s cell phone rings and Damon hands it to her. Slater is calling. He explains he had taken off because he was freaked out. Rose apologizes for what happened earlier. Slater tells her he doesn’t want any part in what she’s planning on doing but he did some digging. The curse can be destroyed but she’s going to need the moonstone and a witch. If she can get the moonstone, a witch should be able to figure out the rest. He wishes Rose good luck and hangs up the phone.

Elijah is with Slater. He compliments Slater are doing such a nice job of convincing Rose. Slater asks Elijah how is it he can compel him, a vampire isn’t supposed to be able to compel another vampire. Elijah explains it’s because he’s an Original. He holds out a stake to Slater and tells him to drive it through his heart. He compels Slater to do it all the while Slater is somehow still aware of what he’s doing. (Poor Slater!! He’s going to kill himself and he doesn’t want to!! Ooooo I wanna punch Elijah soooo bad!! Hopefully, Damon gets to as some point lol). Slater drives the stake through his chest and collapses to the ground dead. Luca’s father, Dr. Jonas, walks out from the kitchen and asks Elijah if it was necessary he killed Slater. Elijah says it was, Slater delivered the message he needed and it won’t be long before Rose and the others act on it.

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