Vampire Diaries Season 2 Episode 5 “Killed or be Killed” — Original Air Date: October 7, 2010 

By Annabell

This episode opens in Emerald Coast, Florida a year before with Mason at a bar. He walks out and his friend Jimmy follows him, pushing Mason from behind and accusing him of messing around with his girlfriend. Mason denies having anything to do with his friend’s girl but Jimmy doesn’t believe him. They get into a major fight. Mason ends up gaining the upper hand and kills Jimmy by accident, he had only meant to get him to calm down and stop fighting but instead, ended up cracking his skull. 

The episode than returns back to present day, with Tyler sitting on the couch in his living room and Mason reciting the story. Tyler asks Mason if he really killed him, Mason doesn’t deny it saying they were fighting because Jimmy believed Mason had slept with his girlfriend Marla. Tyler asks Mason if he really had, Mason denies it. Tyler than asks Mason if that’s how the curse was triggers, Mason says yes. Then, for a brief second fans get a glimpse of Mason’s eyes when he transforms. Mason then explains to Tyler that he has to tie himself down or he’ll kill anything that gets in his way. He tells Tyler the curse can be triggered by any kind of death, even a car accident and Tyler needs to be extremely careful because once he gets the curse there’s no going back.Mason asks Tyler where the moonstone is, telling him he completed his part of the deal, he answered Tyler’s questions, now he wants the moonstone. Tyler shows him a hiding spot his father use to have where a safe exists, he thinks the moonstone is hidden inside of it. Tyler still wants to know why Mason really wants the moonstone. Mason explains it’s just has sentimental value. Tyler keeps insisting he doesn’t believe him and wants the real reason. Mason just asks him whether or not he really knows where the moonstone is. Tyler tells him he just figured the moonstone would be inside of the hidden safe but it’s not.

Jeremy walks into the bathroom as Elena is getting ready, telling her he can’t believe Tyler Lockwood is an actual werewolf. Elena explains to her brother, they aren’t completely sure Tyler is a werewolf yet, all they know for sure is that Mason Lockwood is. Jeremy still wants to be apart of helping to figure out the truth but Elena tells him its too dangerous. She promised she would still be honest with him but he can’t get involved. Jeremy decides to listen and drops the matter. Stefan pops up in Elena’s room, scaring her. They have an intimate embrace and Stefan asks Elena if she’s ready for the day. Elena confesses she isn’t, she doesn’t like fighting with him, even if its fake fighting. She knows it’s important to throw Katharine off, especially since Caroline will be reporting everything she sees and hears to Katherine. Stefan reassures Elena everything will be fine. They come up with a secret code to still be able to tell each other they love each other without giving away anything to Katherine or Caroline. When Stefan says, “I can’t really do this anymore, Elena,” what he really means is “I love you,” and when Elena says, “Fine, Stefan, whatever,” she really means, “I love you, too.”

Caroline and her mom are preparing for the Historical Society Volunteer Picnic. Her mother asks why Elena was doing at their house so late the night before? Caroline looks confused for a second then remembers it was actually Katherine who had been at her house. She gives her mom the fake explanation that Elena was there because she had needed to talk because her and Stefan had been going through a rough patch.

The Historical Society Volunteer Picnic opens with Tyler’s mother giving a speech and thanking all those involved. Mason is unloading his tuck and Stefan approaches him. Stefan offers Mason an apology for how Damon had behaved. Stefan tells Mason they should just call a truce. Mason explains he had made the same offer to Damon but Damon only went after him with a knife. Stefan says Damon made a mistake and he approached Mason to make sure neither one of them make another mistake like that. Mason tells Stefan to tell Damon to watch his back. Stefan grabs Mason by the arm and reminds Mason there is only one of him and two of them, he’s the one who really needs to watch his back. Mason and Stefan agree upon a truce. Damon shows up and questions Stefan about what he’s doing. Stefan explains he is negotiating peace on his behalf. Damon tells him he doesn’t want peace and does Stefan really think a truce between them and Mason is really going to stop Mason. Stefan tells him no, the first chance Mason Lockwood gets, he’ll probably drive a stack through Damon’s heart.

Jeremy is at the Grill drawing and approaches Tyler to ask him how he’s been. Tyler starts off being a jerk to him but apologizes. They talk about what happen at Tyler’s father’s wake. Two girls they know from school approach Tyler and they agree to go back to Tyler’s house. Tyler invites Jeremy and he accepts to tag along.

Back at the Historical Society Volunteer Picnic, Mason approaches Sheriff Liz to ask if he can speak with her. Mason asks her if he can talk to her about the Council. Liz denies knowing anything about some secret Council. Mason tells her he knows she and the other founding families have a secret Council. Liz explains to him if he knows that than he knows it’s a secret and she can’t speak about it.  Mason said he only rejected the Council at the beginning because he wanted a life outside of the town, not because he didn’t believe in them. He tells her that he knows vampires exists and there are two of them living right under her nose: Damon and Stefan. Liz doesn’t believe him, she defends Damon for everything he has done for the town and tells Mason Damon is even apart of the Council. Mason offers to prove it to Liz.

Caroline and Elena are helping at the Historical Society Volunteer Picnic. Caroline questions Elena on her relationship with Stefan, if anything has happened. Elena tells her nothing, Stefan has been pushing her away because he thinks Katharine will get jealous enough to hurt her and she doesn‘t know how to convince him otherwise. Caroline agrees with Stefan. Elena is able to convince Caroline her and Stefan are still fighting and have no hope of getting back together.

Stefan and Elena keep staring at each other from across the park as they work. Caroline notices. Elena tells Caroline she’s going to go talk to him but Caroline tells her she thinks it’s a bad idea but Elena goes to talk to Stefan anyway. Damon shows up and hassles Caroline about being so horrible to her mother. Caroline ignores him and pays attention to Elena and Stefan’s conversation. They are pretending to fight about Stefan still having feelings for Catherine.

Jeremy and Tyler are at Tyler’s house dancing and drinking with the girls they had brought over. One of the girls takes Jeremy’s sketchbook of drawings. Jeremy let’s them look through the drawings and stares at Tyler to see his reaction since the drawings are of werewolves. Tyler tells Jeremy he has drawings he has been working on and tells Jeremy he wants to show them to him. They go into Tyler’s father’s studio and Tyler pins Jeremy to the wall, grilling him about the pictures. Jeremy tells Tyler he knows Tyler is a werewolf.

Back at the Historical Society Volunteer Picnic, Damon confronts Mason about his talk with Stefan. Stefan shows up and Damon questions him about the fake drama with Elena. Stefan tells him to drop it. A little girl offers Damon a cup of lemonade, Damon takes it graciously and drinks. He starts chocking because the lemonade has vervain in it. Liz is watching him from across the park.

Elena is sitting by a small river at the park, pretending to be all depressed over her breakup with Stefan. Caroline checks up on her, asks if she’s alright. Elena snaps at her telling her no she isn’t but then apologizes telling Caroline she’s just trying to be a good friend. Caroline tells her no, she isn’t and is about to reveal the truth when she sees her is leaving. Caroline approaches her mother and asks where she’s going. Caroline’s mother just tells her she has something important she needs to go do and apologizes then leaves.

Damon is cleaning his mouth with water. He is enraged and wants to go after Mason. Stefan calms him down and tells him he doesn’t like Mason, he could expose them and agrees they need to hunt him down. Damon and Stefan find Mason in the woods. Damon tells Mason to run, he’ll give him a head start then gunshots are fired. Damon is the first one down followed by Stefan. Caroline could hear them and takes off after them along with Elena. Liz along with other officers take Damon and Stefan.

Tyler and Jeremy are discussing the werewolves. Tyler wants to know how come Jeremy knows so much. Jeremy explains his ancestor had written about a crazy curse that runs in Tyler’s family, a curse about werewolves. Then Mat was attacked by a werewolf under a full moon and Tyler’s uncle had just gotten to town and it was just too weird of a coincidence. Tyler tells him it’s true about Mason and explains he isn’t a werewolf yet. He divulges to Jeremy how the curse is triggered. He also shows Jeremy the moonstone.

Liz along with some of her officers are carrying Stefan and Damon into old slave quarters that belong to the Lockwood property. Mason asks if Liz is going to kill them. Liz tells him yes. Caroline and Elena are running around the woods trying to find them. Caroline finds blood. Mason shows up. He grabs Elena using her as shield to keep Caroline from attacking him. Caroline tells Mason she can take him but he doesn’t believe her. Caroline knocks him into a tree and Elena out of the way. She knocks Mason to the ground and takes off running with Elena to find Damon and Stefan.

Liz shoots Damon in the leg. She asks him how many more there are. Damon pleads with her, telling her he really is her friend. Liz just shoots him again in the leg. She keeps asking Damon about vampires, how they can walk in the light. Caroline and Elena find them. Caroline doesn’t want to go down into the slave quarters because she doesn’t want her mother to know the truth about what she is. Elena runs down into the slave quarters. Liz gives orders to put a stack in the heart of both Stefan and Damon. Elena runs in and knocks one of the cops out. Caroline shows up and kills the other cops ripping out their throats and breaking their necks. She shows her mother what she really is: vampire.

Damon is drinking blood from one of the cops to recover. Liz is sitting quietly watching them, unbelievable. Stefan refuses to drink human blood. Caroline begs her mother to keep everything a secret because Damon will really kill her. Damon lifts Liz into the air but promises he won’t kill her because they were friends.

Tyler and Jeremy are discussing the moonstone. Tyler explains the moonstone is a natural rock that’s supposed to have all sorts of supernatural legends attached to it. Jeremy asks why he didn’t give it to Mason. Tyler says he doesn’t trust Mason and isn’t just going to hand it over. The girls barge into the room, drinking. Sara grabs the moonstone and takes off with it, wanting to be playful. She has on a crush on Jeremy and wants him to chase after her but he refuses. Tyler and Sara fight around for the moonstone and Sara falls down the stairs, pretending to have gotten hurt.

Stefan is feeling better after have drunk blood from a bunny. Liz is calling off work pretending she is sick since Damon doesn’t trust her and is going to lock her away under the house. Liz requests Damon keep Caroline away from her because she can’t stand seeing her, for her her daughter no longer exists. Caroline is standing outside the door and overhears her mother. Elena goes after her. Stefan does as well but stops once he notices a freezer. He opens it and finds bags of human blood inside. Elena shows up and sees him holding one, she asks what he’s doing. Stefan explains Katherine drank a cup of vervain everyday and became immune to it, he can do the same with blood and build up his strength. Elena doesn’t want him too but Stefan is convinced it’s the only way he can stop Katherine because she is stronger than him. Elena thinks they are play fighting so Damon will overhear them but Stefan is being serious.

Caroline is sitting in the living room crying. Elena asks her if she wants her to take her home. Caroline says she’s scared and finally confesses about Katherine using her. Elena tells her she knows and it’s okay, she understood why Caroline did it. Elena tells her it’s okay for her to be scared of Katherine, she should be, they all are. Caroline wants to know what Katherine wants. Elena tells her that’s “the million dollar question.”

Mason Lockwood calls to check on where Liz is and leaves a voice message. Tyler tells him he almost killed a girl today but the girl is fine. He tells Mason he doesn’t want any part of being a werewolf. He gives Mason the moonstone.

Damon tells Elena Stefan didn’t drink the human blood but he needs to and deep down Elena knows that’s the truth.

Elena asks Stefan if he thinks he can really control his thirst. Stefan tells her he doesn’t know but he needs to try, just a few drops a day to help his system become use to it, that its worth trying. Elena tells him she agrees but doesn’t want him to do it alone. She grabs a knife and makes a cut in her hand, holding it out to Stefan. Stefan drinks her blood.

Mason gets into Katherine’s car. Viewers get a flashback of when Mason had killed Jimmy. Katherine had been there. She had known him and comforted him. Back to the present, Mason tries to kiss Katherine but she stops him and asks him about the stunt he pulled with Damon and Stefan. Mason wants to know why she cares so much about him. Katherine tells him she doesn’t want him to be distracted, she needs him to find the moonstone. Mason smiles. Katherine smiles in return and they passionately kiss.