Vampire Diaries Season 2 Episode 4 “Memory Lane” – Original Air Date 9/30/2010

This episode opens with the original Founders Ball in 1864 at the Lockwood Mansion and Katherine dancing with Stefan as a jealous Damon looks on.  Stefan sees Elena in modern clothing talking and flirting with Damon and then he ends up at the Grill in modern clothing to see Damon and Elena playing pool and kissing.  Katherine looks at Stefan and tells him that he now know how she feels right before he wakes up to find Katherine lying in bed with him.  She tells him that it was too easy to get inside his head.  He asks her again why she’s in town and she gives him three reasons – You. You. You.  

Elena is at the Grill when Damon sits down next to her.  She gets up to leave and he asks her about the BBQ at her house later.  Damon tells her that he plans to use some silver to prove that Mason Lockwood is a werewolf.

At the Lockwood mansion, Tyler and Mason continue to bicker over the family secret.  Tyler wants to know what triggers the family curse and Mason refuses to tell him.  Tyler asks him if he found the moonstone and Mason blows him off, telling him that it’s just sentimental to him because it belonged to his mother.

At the Salvatore house, Katherine is reading Stefan’s journal and Katherine mentions the werewolves, mentioning that Stefan should avoid them during the full moon.  She tells him that the Lockwoods are responsible for the elimination of the vampires in Mystic Falls.  She recalls a memory of George Lockwood at the ball and tells Stefan that there is a gene in the family and that werewolves are practically extinct.   Katherine then asks Stefan why he kept her picture and why he came back to Mystic Falls.  He asks her, “What is it about you that makes me still care?” right before he kisses her and stakes her.  Stefan then chains her up in the basement as she tells him that she came back for him.  He dons a pair of gloves, snips a stalk of vervain and begins to torture her.  Another memory from the ball is recalled as Katherine tells George Lockwood that she’s a vampire and she also knows his secret.

The BBQ gets underway at the Gilbert’s house with Elena, Jenna, Alaric, Mason, and Damon in attendance.  Jenna and Damon continue with their snarky banter while Elena stresses about Stefan’s whereabouts.  She hasn’t heard from him all day and is getting anxious.  Caroline arrives and goes on and on about her vampire appetite and mentions that Stefan hates the constant temptation of always wanting to rip out Elena’s jugular.  She tells Elena that’s why she had to break up with Matt.

Katherine and Stefan continue with the torture and interrogation.  Stefan tells Katherine how he can just be himself with Elena and that he doesn’t love her anymore.  Katherine tells him he’s wrong and recalls the memory of him walking her home the night of the ball and declaring his lover for her.  A shaken Katherine returns to her room to find Damon waiting for her.  She compels Damon to leave her for the night.  In the present, Katherine tells Stefan that she never compelled his love and that it was real for both of them.

Back at the BBQ, everyone is playing pictionary and Mason correctly guesses Damon’s drawing of “Dances With Wolves.”  Jenna, Elena, and Damon meet up in the kitchen and Damon notices the Gilbert sterling set that Jenna got out for the evening. 

Katherine tells Stefan that she compelled him after she revealed what she was to take away his fear, but not to make him love her.  He tells her that all of those feelings have turned into hate.  She tells him that George Lockwood was the cause of the problems and blamed the vampires to cover his own tracks for the humans that he killed.  In another memory, she reveals how she and George made a deal to round up all of the vampires and put them in the tomb.  George was to let her out and make everyone believe that she perished in the fire.

As dessert is being served, Damon asks Mason to take the first piece – offering the peach cobbler with a silver serving piece in it.  Mason turns it to the other side and scoops a slice with his bare hand, joking about what an “animal” he is.  Elena asks Caroline if it would be OK with her if she left to go see Stefan.  Caroline tries to deter her from going and then gives in, offering to drive her.

Katherine talks about sending 26 other vampires to their death to fake her own and how Stefan’s blood was poisoned with vervain by his father.  She tells him that he and Damon nearly ruined everything with their attempt to rescue her.  Stefan tells her that he and Damon died for nothing.

Mason confesses to Damon’s suspicion and tells him that he’s here for his family, stating that they should be above all of the other stuff and they shake hands.  After Mason leaves the kitchen, Damon takes the silver serving piece from the chest just before he and Mason leave the Gilbert home.

As Elena and Caroline leave, Caroline breaks the valve stem on the rear tire of her car.   The tire goes flat on the way to Stefan’s house and Caroline calls for a tow truck.  They wait for what seems like forever and Caroline asks Elena why she’s rushing to get to a relationship that will never work.  She mentions how Stefan will never age, how they could never have children, and other things that hurt Elena’s feelings.  Caroline tells her that she’s just trying to be a good friend.  Elena walks the rest of the way to Stefan’s house.

In town, Damon approaches Mason as he gets out of his car and stakes him with the silver serving piece.  Mason takes it out and tells Damon that he’s “made an enemy.”

Katherine makes threats to Stefan about killing Elena and everyone she loves.  Stefan goes off, but still doesn’t end her.  Katherine breaks loose from the chains and tells him that she’s been sipping vervain every day for the last 100 years and that it doesn’t hurt her.  Elena arrives at the house and Katherine stakes Stefan in the leg.  She meets Elena in the main room of the house and they meet face-to-face for the first time. Elena is astonished and wonders how it is possible for them to look exactly alike.  Katherine tells her she’s asking the wrong question. As Stefan rushes in, Katherine disappears and Elena and Stefan hug.

Back at the Grill, Katherine finds Caroline in the bathroom and expresses her displeasure with Caroline not keeping Elena away from Stefan.  Caroline tries to defend herself and Katherine tells her that she will kill her again.

Mason arrives home and Tyler is still pissed with him.  They talk about the stone and then Mason tells him how to trigger the family curse – you must kill someone.

Stefan and Elena arrive at the Grill.  Elena walks over to Caroline’s booth and Caroline apologizes to her for what she said.   Elena tells her that it’s OK and that she’s right, saying that it’s just hard to hear it.  Elena joins Stefan at another table and he talks about keeping Elena safe.  She tells him that if Katherine had her way, they would be broken up by now.  She asks him why he gives Katherine so much power over their relationship.  She tells him that Katherine wants them to fight and to get between them.  He tells her, “She already has, Elena.” Elena gets up to leave and it’s obvious that Caroline and Damon have been eavesdropping on the whole conversation.

Damon heads outside and finds Katherine out on the sidewalk.  They talk briefly about the werewolves and she tells him to try not to be a hero because he’ll end up dead.  Before walking off he tells her, “Been there. Done that.  At least this time it’ll be worth it.”

Elena arrives home and goes into her room, finding Stefan waiting there.  He asks her if she’s OK and they hug. She tells him that she hated the fight and he agrees, telling her that it “felt too real.”  They kiss and they talk about how they were right about Katherine using Caroline and how it was obvious that something was up with her.  Stefan tells her that he knows that Katherine isn’t back for him and that she’s here for another reason.  A memory is shown of Katherine giving the moonstone to George Lockwood on the road with a dead Damon and Stefan lying on the ground.  George tells Katherine that they shall take one another’s secrets to the grave.  She walks to the dead, human Stefan lying on the ground and tells him that she loves him, placing a kiss on his lips.  She makes a promise that they will be together again.

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